Monday, August 29, 2016

aug 29 2016
so many discoveries to share.
firstly ... if that weatherman tells me one more time how lucky i am that the next 10 days have no rain in store, i will just have to figure out how to tweet him !!!  we really need 10 days of an inch an hour  .. well ...nearly...
and------ living in the forest sruuounded by 80' tall trees is loosing it's charm...

i remember......when we first moved in.. the neighborhood kids were shooting arrows up into treess with some kind of fire attached... and they got a small fire going  way high in  "A"  pasture... so we ran down  with buckets and stood in the stream with the buckets--looking up... totally helpless.. and feeling  foolish....  luckily it went out before the fire dept got here...  but it was an education--- a fire 80 feet in the air is gonna do whatever it wants to do...
makes you rethink having some kind of lawn  around the house...
i say lawn, but i mean something that keeps the forest from invaiding the place-

which makes me think....  dogfest....  and chores...
i think i will find our collection of pliers type tools and set guests on a devining job... of just snipping the bottom of all these %^&%$$#$ vines that are invading the fence lines and trees...  one snip-- don't bother unwinding- mommy nature will take care of that -- mommy nature solves alot of problems that way.... cut off the source of nurishment and  problem goes away..... my mother had her own version of that--- we had to go to college over 200 miles from home so we didn't come home with dirty laundry.
 then there is my life with uber...
my first encounter with uber, i never even noitced... richard arrived in a uber  and it was totally unremarkable.. he got here.  but then when he went to go, he simply poked  3:00 in his cell phone  and at 2:45 a clean and tidy car arrived and parked in the driveway.  at 3:01 he got in and they drove away. i was impressed..
 an instant car that you didn't have to buy, insure,or worry about parking it where pigeons were overhead.
------sooooooo.... one day sitting here waiting for an actual person to answer the phone nd answer a question about building a building..... i  "went" to the uber website and figured i would just get my name in the system in case i ever needed a car  at a tiem when for whatever reason i coulj not drive my own...  my hands sometimes act on their own with a minor shake.... i must have hit the wrong button somewhere  becaues uber is now convinced i meant to apply to be a driver--  they must need drivers big time ... because .. daily  i get a notice abot finishong my application to join teh ranks of uber drivers  who make so much money they can even rent a car and make a profit for the day. 
 maybe there is a way for 2  college kids to rent a car over a big travel week and drive it 24 hours a day between the 2..-- i don't know...
 but that isn't me..  and i can't convince uber otherwise.
the other richard idea worth sharing  is..  he does not travel with luggage... he ships a big box UPS  and does not have to deal with whatever the airlines are currently doing about luggavge.( p.s.  we are looking forward to his  arrival after dogfest...  i will know for sure whan a great big box arrives boldly labeled   RICHARD's ---DO NOT OPEN AT MAIL CALL  ! )

now... it bothers me .. i said 80 foot tall trees.... they coudl be 300 feet tall, i don't know... so how do i figure out how tall they are?  i know if i look out the front tof the house .. there is a big, steep  down hill  i am told the area is full of glacier eskers.. and this could be one of any rate-- if i look out  a pipe set  level on a trash  can , cojld i aproximate the  height of the trees.??  anotehr dogfest  challange???  i know there is at least one math typoe coming.....


  1. Here is a video to measure a tree with 2 people and a measuring tape:


  2. Thank you for your post You are amazing