Saturday, September 10, 2016

sept 10 2016
DOES OVERNIGHT CREATIVITY HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH INDIGESTION..question  of the morning.....?do 11 peas in a 1.5 cups of  casserolle kind of thing constitute a " healthy vegtable serving"??
yesterday i confessed that mushroom soup with pasta was one of my favorties-- and donna , in an effort to keep me healthy .  added fresh peas-- which i counted.... 11 of them----- 

i was going to say we are back to calculus-- but in all honesty i could not come up with what calculus is--except... in my forgetful mind-- i think it is the study of change and rates of change--  for example.....
just say-- that you have to load a camel for a trip across the desert---a chore with which you are all familiar i am sure....- so you first pile on   a few books- including the  huge grangier catalogue--which are heavy   - then add your shoe collection which is  almost as heavy because you have a problem about buying  too many shoes on ebay.....  a pile of sheets because everyone in the desert has sheets... a few sunblock shirts  then you add  your ghillie kettle and 2 pounds of regular  ground coffee ( because all they have at the oasis is decaf...) to the top you add your  small ipod--- and all is fine... until you add an extra set of  tiny ear buds  and the camel collapses with the weight....  . the weight of the ear buds were the straw that broke the camel's back...  which is a very unhappy visual.... but is  somehow  related to the study of calculus... i think... 

i got going on that  because i bought a prepackaged salad--you know--- some cut up lettuce and cukes and carrog shreads..... i plopped a wad in a dish( wiht blue cheese)  and picked it over... i had 4 shreds about 2"long of carrot.
why?   was my alloted 4 shreds of carrot enough to qualify for a "serving" of carrots.... and if it was not, how many shreds would it take to  be enough to stay healthy..and who figures that out?  was there a gov't grant to study the heath implications of shredded carrots? or is  providing 4 carrot shreds  just a waste of money in an advertising scheme to get me to buy lettuce that is cut up so i don't have to chew a tough carrot?
.(honestly there was more carrot in  judy's carrot cake which is vastly  more interesting....)
the building....
we have water undergourund-- in a pipe-- to the new building..
in the process we came to some plastic pipe , put in long ago  to get the phone line to the barn ( before wireless0
problem was.... i forgot the episode of stringing  a cable from the street to the barn for the cameras underground-- in all teh extra pipes i had put in the ground years before.. it was a fun episode with blowers and vacuum cleaners...

now here is today's FYI--- we needed to pull that cable from the street past the house -past guest house -past laundry and full legnth of the barn to the feed room where the verizon box for all teh cameras  lives..  i think i heard 1200 feet--of something with the words "fiber optic"   connected..  to do this they started with a light fishing sort of string... but ended up with what is called MULE TAPE... to pull that black cable to the barn in the little pipe.... it all worked nicely-- til i forgot about it and tore it up..
i am told that ⅜ inch mule tape has a breaking stregnth of  3 tons--- and i don't doubt know i save almost everything-- and that tape was almost perfect for binding up objects... except i couldn't cut it  by all convenient means-- so it hung( literally  HUNG ) around for a few years til soeone came along and decided it was almost perfect for something they were doing...i felt pleaased with myself for having recycled this indestructible stuff..

the fiber optic cable then needed splicing... not a simple proceedure... but could be done unfortunately late in t he afternoon with the verizon guy on  overtime-- and the wonderful  excavator drivers from masterson's construction  just hanging around  because they could not leave an open hole -- per some "meridith's law" about some kid who fell in a construction site hole... thse guys were great--- he was also the one to use thier bobcat to unload teh 8 pallets of dog food-- our tractor is ALMOST strong enough necessitating  breaking the pallets down on the street if we use ours....
it got fixed... cameras went live.. just before  a delayed  mail call..

The ferry was a new adventure for me, and although Trainer Meg & Trainer Steve worked hard to get me acclimated to most situations through "exposure, exposure, exposure," this was one I've never tried. After we drove onto the ferry, we had to leave the car to go up to the cabin. " We went up 2 flights, and Mom told me that she has not climbed 2 flights of stairs for many years. I am so proud to help!!
One thing that was irritating is that several people assumed I was a boy, just because I am big. Didn't they notice my feminine features and pink harness? If only they could meet my Daddy, Bentley, (or Uncle Walter) -- then they'd see what big looks like!!
 It's so exciting to be in my new home!! I can't believe I don't have to share this place with any other puppies!!
I found a couple of dog beds but decided to sit on a nice little chaise/couch, after Mom put down my fluffy. 
all is good.