Tuesday, September 13, 2016

sept 13 2016
i am up to my ears in  building inspector problems.. and am waiting for him to arrive.
i put in drains in the other 2 dog houses- a  couple pieces of 2"pvc pipe has worked beautifully for 20 years... i came back to see that the bi had insisted on 4 " cast iron -- with cast iron vents---  among other things....why cast iron to vent?  it is just one more problem with the building department.  i won't even get into the cost of 5 pieces of 2" pvc   vs 4 tons of cast iron...

however-- it is in place..--  and the elect guy is due tomorrow... pour floor by monday... so it should be cleaned up by dogfest... whatever !!  and all the festing people can arrange the masonry stuff for the next phase....

Dear Carlene,

I want to thank you directly for this amazing dog, although "dog" does not fully describe Seagram -- since she is a companion, a cuddler, a motivator, and helps me walk so much better. I have trusted her implicitly from the beginning, from the first day of training, when we did stairs together -- and I held onto only her, not the railing. That first flight of stairs without a cane was liberating. And she has trusted me as well, looking to me for direction and following my commands. 

This weekend, we have already been out more than I would normally go out in several weeks. I have been making plans for outings, to continue training with her and cement our partnership -- and this has helped me realize how isolated I had been, because it became increasingly difficult to get out of the house (and beyond my garden). Of course Seagram has not fixed all of my underlying issues, but she has already shown me that she can help me live a better life. 

My gratitude first extends to you, for your amazing leadership and insight into these dogs, plus to all those who have contributed to raising & training the dogs -- including Shannon, Donna, Pam, Grace, and all of the volunteers. The Trainers, especially Meg (but also Steve, Olivia, Kati & the interns) did an incredible job in teaching Seagram to assist in walking -- and also to think. And Meg was excellent in preparing us to go out into the real world as a team, with input from Steve as well. Of course Linda deserves thanks as well for handling the secretarial dept. You have created a great community that extends beyond the acreage of Crazy Acres to include CPs from all over the world, and their support is much appreciated. 

I am proud to be part of the SDP family and tell all those who are willing to listen about SDP -- so maybe you will gain some extra CPs, too. 

You have given me much more than just a replacement for a cane. Thank you!!