Wednesday, September 28, 2016

sept 28 2016
if  we don't develope more farmers we are not going to have enough strawberrys  or whipped cream for next year's dogfest...  we have alot of colleges in the north east-- and i just glanced thru harvard's curriculium and did not see one course on  the plowing of dirt-- but all kinds on the bending of minds ------ political science and legal  maneurvers.   
it has bothered mme for years that all the buuilding  around me/ boston... did not have to do with the production of anything  except paperwork.
.man can not live by  bread alone-- but it sure works better than a wad of papers.... especially with a drink of water... which along with trash is another favorite topic of mine....

now it is about the great lakes...  if we can pump oil across continents,  why can we not  drain some woater off those big lakes to water the strawberry growing  areas of california.
if we don't have those fields of food to process what would we do with all the people who pick the produce?
probably have to build some kind of wall to keep them out of our fields...
and having drained the great lakes to be able to water the green golf courses in las vegas,--- Niagara Falls would have to be renamed Niagara Trickle.

 i must congradulate  the genius that sold teh general public on the "paperless society" -- wata crock !!  if we outlawed the ability of the computer to skip lines  we could redesign printers to print and cut off..... to produce correctly sized pages and save gazillions of trees.  would someone please invent that for us????
such problems as  i have to worry about.....
the person i met in the wrong store is coming here today---   we went thru a wrong phone number  for few hours.. finally spending 95 cents for one of those people finders... and then getting devlin to go to her address in saugus(devlin is saugus too..) which she did...  it must have been a shock to have the new person be introduced to 98 pound devlin who introduced herself - correctly- as one of our trainers...  devlin had wiht her, her dane "xxxxx" -- who out wweighs devlin...  "xxxxx"( i forget names) is very well trained... which is my criterier for deciding who is a trainer , and who is not.
anyone can hang up a sign that says trainer...  show me someone with a well trained dog-- or kid---  don't kid yourself... it really is about the same thing. .... except dogs are usually nicer about it.
Hi Carlene-
They say it takes a village...
Well... thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make the weekend at Dog Fest such a wonderful time. It’s impossible to begin to name the highlights because the highlights never stopped.

But it is the overwhelming feeling of knowing that Ava came from a most loving village, the SDP Village. From my first day at SDP, it was easy to see how Carlene, the trainers, and the volunteers helped make SDP what it is. Eventually, I started to realize the importance of and the CP’s, and other recipients. But it was being with everyone together that made it real. It was hearing stories from people who had loved and/or worked with Ava and other dogs as young pups. It was seeing and talking with other recipients and their dogs. It was seeing Ava’s siblings and Scarlot. It was watching Ava’s tail wag when she saw old friends, both, human and canine. It was the CP’s who were always right there with a fluffy, to grab a plate, or to lend a hand with whatever was needed. And it was the hugs and smiles that will always stay with me.... cindy
it was painful to have lost bailey, and more painful to realize that at 79 i doubt i will be able to develope another dog's training to her level... but i will try..... and i need help with the rules i have set in place.
thank you all for keeping your eye on my pup... i make rules around here that have a purpose--  some of you may not understand why i make these rules...  sometimes maybe i don't know either...however in the meantime,  when i ask people not to play with my pup so her attention can focus on me and my training until i get her better trained, i find it terribly disrespectful  to get up in the morning and  find pictures and  "carlene will never know" in the comments...  there are 50 other dogs around here.... all i ask is to leave my pup  alone...  enough said.


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