Thursday, September 8, 2016

sept 8 2016
nature...ain't always kind...and  in my donkey is fine....i watched for quite a while--her ears were twitching and tail flicking normally in a conversation with her mother's ears and tail... apparerntly a few people were worried last night--i don't know exactly what... but it looks normal to me.... mom has told the baby she does not like the baby's nose poking between her back kicks at her with one foot...and when it is time to gt up and nurse because mom's bag is getting uncomfortable, mom paws at the baby with a get up message...
which started me thinking.......trouble....

and i don't know many facts, but in bird society, doesnt the mom and pop bring food and  "tend the nest"?
as opposed to turtle society where she has teh eggs and leaves them on their own..and then mammals where.....
by design the female carries the equipment to care for the young child... i.e. a wolf---  the female feeds and nurses the pups and the man of that household stands on some ridge and howls... 
 you have to know where i am going with this-- how many mammals have an actively participating father involved in the basic diaper changing of the  animal world..just after i saw an advertisement where they showed a bird daddy stuffing a piece of fish into a baby bird  ( at least that is what they said...) right after that was a picture of obama standing next to the clintons.... all three-- i think --were raised by single moms and - leaving politics out of it.... all 3 certainly went on to scholastic achievement. phodes schollars, valedictorian-- words like that....

it is a darn small sample for a scientific study,  but i am of the opinion that a single mom might be within the natural order of things.   
 i am unwilling to say  alot of things that  i better not say right here.

 i remember ----a looonnnngggg tine ago.. we were doing a movie involving the fire department in boston... and  per usual on these jobs you sat around killing time for hours until   you were needed for an intimidating  180 seconds-- and during the time killing phaase , i sat with a wonderful woman firefighter  who told me what she had to go thru to prove herself worthy physically and mentally.....she was- at that point --one of the very few women on that job... she was also african american- and she got  to the topic of many women  she knew - like her mother-   were-- by necessitaty-- of great character because  once pregnant they were often on their own- and many struggled  working to keep their child warm and fed... she had very strong feelings about stregnthing those single mothers- and their ability to earn a living-so they didn't grasp at the proverbial straw and have a second child... a second child meant they were doomed... in her opinion...

i never forgot her conversation  and the fact that with all the laws we have about insulating concrete foundations.... why  do we not have  a law that would require a man to produce a dna sample to prove he is not the father of a specific child... or support it anyway til it was 21.

it is my opinion that the world has too many people . mommy nature is going  to figure out a way to cut the suppply. 
if she could just change the percentages from 51% female  to 75% female  that would  still be more   than we needed -- one man  3 wives  5 children would work....  the only man i currently know of in that situation, the children are very nice and accomplished....  note... with that setup... they probably were raised by a single mother with adequate support...
not true? 
add a few business practices  like banks loaning money at 39%  and there is no way a debtor  can get ahead...
there are things i remember...  the poor woman in toys are us-- obviously not wealthy- with her carriage stuffed with plastic toys some ad agency had convinced her to buy  so her  kids would not be deprived of plastic toys...  shhe paid with a credit card... and i felt very sorry for her.  i had no money either, but i was not  convinced my kids needed plastic toys-- i told them cardboard boxes were much more fun-- and they believed me....  i had enough  o f something   to realize credit card debt was a lifelong problem  and advertising was the enemy....

i still think it is... stop messing with my mind--- -- now they try and convince me if i only swallowed some substance my joints would not age...   they have that figured out that by the time you  have taken that stuff for a while , you will be even older and not able to fight them off because of all the side effects the stuff will cause.
and now  donna has discovered that my favorite thing in the world- after whipped cream- is cream of mushroom soup with pasta and mushrooms
not what you would call dietetic..
oh that i would decide to desire raw carrots .
not gonna happen...
statistic of the day----- a pallet of bags of purina dog food can be unloaded and stacked in a one minute 19 seconds flat.
and we did 8 yesterday  we being everyone but me-- 
 i was the designated watcher.
Dear Carlene,
Today Zeke and I are being discharged from the rehabilitation hospital. From the very beginning, he has wanted to be involved. I have gone to therapy appointments before. Zeke has always laid patiently on his mat during my appointment. This time he did not want to be on his mat. He wanted to be an active member of the session. If I was moving at all, he wanted to be at my side. He was not willing to be forgotten or be replaced by a piece of equipment.

Zeke walked for two days beside the walker ten feet at a time. Then he walked beside me in the parallel bars. I held him on one side and the bar on the other. Back and forth we walked.
Then I took my first steps with Zeke again with the forearm crutch on the other side. I was nervous. Zeke was great. He kept his eye on me the whole time. His pace was perfect. We walked about ten feet that first time, when we were done, Zeke hugged me, and was so proud.

Yesterday we walked for 30 minutes. We walked up a flight of stairs together. We walked up and down a curb! Zeke is a super dog! He keeps pushing me every day.
We can't wait to see everyone at the SDP soon!

Shannon & Zeke