Wednesday, September 14, 2016

sept14 2016
gotta hand it to our ghost of the lefthand drawer-- "goldie"  and i must not ignore her "things"... after coming up with an applicant who is a  graduate of wentworth inst of tech, who had once seen mortar and blocks somewhere years ago.... hence he can be the expert along with jack- our resident carpenter who found an old mixer in his garrage so he must have mixed mortar at least once.......our 40 odd volunteers---rounding out our field of experts,   .... jack saw some men actually building a building and stopped to talk to them-- however they did not speak english- but the building they were building looked perfectly straight---jack managed to get the word "cash"  across to them  so they are due here saturday evening...
do not, in any way think this is a careless way to proceed. it has FAR MORE VALIDITY than the official business  inspecting mess created by the building inspecting world of the ipswich building department... i have only to mention the part about the 5 floor drains being vented thru the roof by cast iron 3 inch pipe-  which is to be inspected by the plumbing inspector today-  i honestly don't know how i will be able to keep my mouth closed. but the comment of one of the workers "don't say a word or he will make you  put in a $35,000 septic tank to wash the floor." is a threat  of which i am well aware.
i hope to get the  dirt piles out of here in a day or so.. and get organized o the point of the building  being a part of dog fest...  whatever...  between chicken bricks and concrete blocks  we should have a great time. !  especially if you add ben and jerry's icecream.
and we do need a donkey viewing area..... i hear the official labels have been made for that...
and another goldie bit.... 
 since the PUPPY BREATH MANUFACTURING COMPANY- is in full operation again,  i needed to find the labels for the vials of PB stored on the computer..... and in doing so , i ran into the name of the  Claudia Bohemica kennel which had dogs that impressed me long ago-- one of her females is the image of chaos--- i am still impressed...  and because of the goldie influence of "why did i stumble on  that name now?"  i will t ry and get in touch with will not be easy--- she has CZ  after her email, which can only  be Czechoslovakia   which is not in new england - so i am told. 
so----- we have a CP out there who can speak the language?

i have had to stop watching CNN overnight--i finally have had  "IT"  with 2 or 4 people talking all at once... they are arguing about things i never thought deserved airtime -- which candidate had athletes foot  9 years ago and hid it from the russians, because it was diagnosed by a veterinarian not a medical doctor  who only had admitting privlidges  at a hospital in  brazill?????
i give up...
hopefully anne will come here today- at least the discussion will be sensible - like about semicolons- which makes far more sense than  the rest of my  day....
the generic problem is that  tooooo many people have been shocked to hear about the daily doggie-- or mail call-- some don't know about the cametas.....  so it will be an educational email  

if we are successful it means that  we will be sinding out an email to everyone who bought at least one brick since teh cameras came on... constant contact swears they will only send one to each.... but.... what sometimes happens -NO... what ALWAYS  happens is --- to a computer-- joe smith is not the same as joe a. smith... or joe.smith or j. smith .... you get the picture--  it may take us some time to wade thru this... there is a way to unsubscribe if you don't want it. give us a few days to straighten it out  because  if you unsubscribe for joe a. smith, that could be the one we are  working on keeping- and once unsubscribed, i don't know  how to put you back on the list...  the dd will still be available off our web... if this screws up badly...
i am enjoying the semi seclusion of the teepee-- it is a great napping/ meeting  place-- and my golf cart at the door is a do not disturb sign....
ryan took em out to the new trail in the woods....  that is going to be a huge addition to the  walkers in the crowd-- not to be attempted alone--- it is a FOREST  and dropping pieces of bread to find you way home does not work....
Who is the author of this poem of the day?

"The gum-chewing teen  and the cud-chewing cow 
Seem somewhat alike, but different, somehow. 
Ah, yes! There it is! I see it all now! 
It's the thoughtful expression  on the face of the cow."

smart person... whoever it was.

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  1. Carlene,
    Just wanted to let you know I LOVE reading the DD every morning. Reading it every morning is like drinking their coffee in the morning. I can do without my coffee most morning but I can't go without reading the DD. I LOVE the poem about the chewing gum, it's exactly the way I feel when I see someone chewing gum. Compliments to the person who wrote it.