Tuesday, October 11, 2016

oct 11,2016
the scottish poem keeps coming to mind..
"for i started in a story .. then i stopped it in the middle
for the story that i started was not, you see,
the kind that i could tell at  a kirk sorriee"

this happens almost every morning now....  i listen to the 4 am  news, and definitely get ideas about hte content.
i go thru "i can't say that"  many times-- but i can not help saying
the  way the debate  could have been worse is if they were chewing  gum.
picture taking yestersday-- i forgot why, but i ended up just telling the photographer to just go in the pen withthe donkeys and take pictures...he was not used to donkeys-- and pockets said "  hey !!! look at teh new guy- lets see if he carrries treats"   i wish i had a camera as he tried to escape pockets and friends attention... t hey were good...  they did not kick... but it was  a new experience for him...--- the time donkeys kick is when they are being silly and  run past you and  "cow kick"   which is a sideways swipe-- that is not in mean ness...it hurts just as much  but they are not being  vicious -- just cute !!  as for walking behind a donkey. i have handled  hundreds of donkeys in all kinds of situations,and have never been kicked-HOWEVER--- DONKEYS DO TALK-- AND IF THEY SAY   "STAY AWAY FROM MY REAR,"  I DO THAT.   \they have a way  of slightly raising their head and flicking their tail-  which says very clearly "I DON'T WANT TO WASTE MY ENERGY KICKING YOU , BUT I WILL IF I HAVE TO."
if you watch them in theri stall- all heads down chewing hay--- there is a tail flicking that is not  swatting flys, but telling other donkeys- or people --- sometihng--- usually---- move over or i will kick.
donkeys can kill dogs/wolves- and are used for that purpose in herds of sheep.  they don't do it  with their heels, but most often with ther teeth-- bite- hang on- and trample--  the problem with kicking at a wolf is  the wolf encourages the kick, then there is a split second where the back leg is on the ground and is time enough for the wolf to rush in and grab by teh Achilles tendon... somenow nature has all that figured out.... 
remember that story about  the greek guy   Achilles gettting dunked in the creek so he would be impenetrable and everything got dunked except his heel which  is where the arrow  hit and killed him?????  did i get that right???
the story survives in todays medicine--- a  "ruptured achilles" is pretty incapacitating 
lesson of the day is all animals are dangerous in certain situations--   bentley could have easily  killed me when we got shocked with that electrified elevator.  -
 people animals are  extremely dangerous ever since they devised a way to kill more than one person at a time...
that would make  mr. gattling teh ultimate villan.
didn't he invent the gattling gun to kill a bunch at a time???
it only got worse from there...
fortunately  so far  lust is keeping up with the oversupply of people.
at least til nov 8th....
today schedule
7am  dd 
1 pm  snail mail  ( rain gauge demo)
5 pm  mail dall
7 pm speaking at  a church.... ( not sure exactly what aspect of dog training they want -- but i am ready) 

Clark has helped me walk so much faster than I did before!  This weekend, my mom and I went shoe shopping at the mall.  My mom is a very fast walker (she always has about 16,000 steps per day on her Fitbit), and she usually has to slow way down to walk at my pace.  But I was walking so fast with Clark, she was able to just walk normally, and we were walking together!

Also, today my boss commented that Clark has the best temperament, better than any of the candidates for president.  He said he would vote for Clark for president...ha!

wrt the rain situation....... somebody sent...
 Like my mother used to say, "You never miss the water 'til the well runs dry.."