Thursday, October 13, 2016

oct 13 2016
i got sidetracked trying to help  this person...  i have adopted the opinion that if someone can present me with a perfectly trained dane who can pass all the details of the assistance dog international public access test-- then i can certify them...  but be totally aware-- the dog must be perfect--- i am not about to risk accreditation on this idea...  i just can not see why  i should not....since so many of the adi trainers will not work with danes, when they can help so many tall  people - and small kids-  to walk  and have a more normal life.
once again sticking my neck out... but we have had  danes be attadked  by 2 service dogs of another training facility-- so   there is no such thing as 100%.  i probably would do a video of teh dog being tested .
(---- we all know  how effective video's are to prove  either good or unacceptable behavior....  ref:cnn---)
i get letters like this about weekly....
Hi there,
 I live in Central Florida, about an hour from Universal, Sea World, and the Mighty Mouse.  I have a fifteen month old Great Dane puppy, extremely calm, gentle, and listens well.  I have been diagnosed with multiple Sclerosis, and my balance has deteriorated to extremely poor.  When I applied to Service Dog Project about a year ago, you turned me down due to my not living in the Northeast.  So, I am now back again asking whether or not you might happen to have any retired trainers living in Florida who might want to pick up a bit of moon lighting in balance and stability training?  On the other hand do you have a trainer who, in addition to a lovely vacation, might want FREE board and limited funds to work with my dog and me for balance and stability training while in Central Florida?  I have a large, private guest room with full bath.  Please, oh Please don’t turn me down this time.
Friend of all Danes everywhere,
to which i replied...

yikes... let me work on it...  but you can start yourself....

beware.....i have a problem with  someone hanging up a sign that says "dog trainer"  when their own dog is not perfectly behaved...

danes don't train like any other dogs...  they need to be educated. careful with alot of "obedience show " type dog trainers.                                             
i say many times - they are born trained, just don't wreck them with alot of "commands"
they must behave-- they are too big to do otherwise-- but  don' t expect the immediate reaction of an obedience  trained dog

concept -- if you  "command " an obedience dog  "down"  he should drop
to ask a service dog to lie down , means we are goin gto be here for a while, make yourself comfortable right near my foot.
it is a whole different attitude...  try not to use your muscles to make your dog behave...    carry treats in your left pocket. and very soon they will heel  with no leash..( assuming they have enough exercise so they ar not too bouncy...)

i would not even start trying to get them to retrieve--- they just have no natural instinct-- so most  golden trainers say they are stupid
they certainly are not stupid-- they watch you throw those yellow balls and think you are nuts !!

i have an article i wrote about training a dane for service.... it is how we do it. is attached...
you certainly should start yourself... with the spoon feeding  to get them into politely  paying attention..

what you might  look for is someone who has a nicely trained dog, many times a "farm dog"  that tags around after their owner is exactly what you need to find...then have that person  to take yours out in the real world  totally under control...   within 4 inches of your leg under all conditions... and doing alot of "one step"  at a the malls.. and up and down stairs...
it is not complicated.... but no excuces "oh he is just a puppy"... or  "he does that all the time" no... when a harness is on, perfect attention  and behavior...  just their size will take care of the balance and stability.   after that ... whoa ( stop now)
and wait ( hesitate til i say ok)  will get you 78% of teh way- and talk to them all the time...

i answer questons live at 5:00 daily  - on  search great danes and look for the comment column--