Saturday, October 15, 2016

oct 15 2016
bella is out of surgery- looks like they have stuck  her foot in  the reminants of a grand piano...  but that smile is still there ---
other recipient report...

 allison and zeb went thru the security at logan airport to be questioned... "? is that one of carlene's dogs?"
apparently  whoever... used to volunteer here...  can't hide a great dane.. 
i have alot of homework to do today----a cp's who's name did not come thru  sent me this....
I am a long time ghost CP and heard that Lanie came into heat. I know that people keep asking who you are going to breed with her. I know you want to breed her to Bentley but when someone mentioned Jasper I looked him up and a few of his kids just graduated (which is very exciting, and you must be very proud). These are the possibilities that I found for both studs. I don't know if this helps you but I figured I would send it to you. I hope that they will come in handy. 
The work that you do to give away service dogs to people is absolutely incredible. We are all so grateful for the work that you do.
Lanie x Jasper Female Breeder can breed to
Male Author
Lanie x Jasper Male Breeder can breed to
Female Author
Lanie x Bentley Female Breeder can breed to

(caw addition.???   i will have to check   why not   tony-- i have to look this over???) 
Lanie x Bentley Male Breeder can breed to

i can't understand it in list form like that ... so i want to do it out  with the  mommas and teh poppas all listed -- so i can see where the  unique lines  are... like bobby-- mr adams -- deagle - denmark...( walter.. scarleott)

me/you/us... have maybe 5 days to decide.
GE... (general electric)  did get some of the trail opened yesterday--  hopefully a bigger group will arrive today  and make it all the way around  the 45 minute loop  cutting back brush   clearing some footing, and burrying the conduit over that  ditch...

then janine can try that trail   tomorrow at 10:30 's "donkey walk"  --- i did a bunch of short heavy lead ropes for safety puropses... the people doing this are all beginenrs and are inclined to wrap ropes around their hands... so i made ropes only 4 feet long out of 1 inch rope--  that will make for alot of loose donkeys as people let go-- but that is alot safer --   being a herd animal, i would not expect them to go away from the group....  HA !
Dear Ms. Linda,
I just wanted to send a quick note to convey my thanks to you, Carlene, and Janine for the inscribed copy of Janine's book for my mother.....she loves it!
I know it is probably one of the "regular" things you wonderful folks at SDP do on a daily basis, but I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your efforts!
Thanks again,
Jennifer Purdon
Hard  to believe the books are still selling-- but they are...  
as are  tina's project of harness management...  we have almost sold enough to  order that second variety os an adaption of the planet dog ones... that planet dog did not want to  make changes i though would help as servbice harnesses.

good ole mr moon !!! and tina...  

why are we buying in china?   it is easier than  buying here... 
china  has an entire mr moon department-- i don't think the usa has any such organization to make the manufactue easier...  i bet i could request a special toothpick and within a week he would provide 4 manufacturers who could do that. and would have 4 samples in the mail/. 

it happened before  if you look way back in the daily doggies....  to when i was needing 27 cm and 30 cm rubber balls for  my monkey fist mfg depattment here.... it was like someone in china was assigned to my account to be sure i got what i needed... then followed thru for a few weeks-- not enough  to be annoying.. but just to be sure all went well with my china purchse.  and was there anything else??  
china has devised  sort of teh amazon of manufacturing-- they have it down pat... we don't. 
i would not know where to start to buy the harness here.

. i just did google dog harness mfg  and got a contact Global mfg source  ---clicked on that--- and ran into  the name 
YANGZHOU --- small chance that is a n imagrant in san francisco  , but i bet it is this chinese source of  whatever you want....  and when i called one of them, there was no  "your call is improtant to us" routine.  there was a person.. very pleasent an very helpful

where did we loose the  boat ?-- literally...?
 we were promised computers will be a huge help..  
they are also capable of demading you do nothing else but cater to them at inopportune times.
you are rendered helpless as you sit listening to how important your call is to some machine.
now back to  lanie's husband...

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