Thursday, October 20, 2016

oct 20 2016

you gotta pick your battles---is sooooo often told to me.. and the pipe in the woods is one of them..i realized i was being trained to  panic at the concept of  using  the words "culvert in the forest."   DON'T TELL ANYONE- DON'T MENTION INTHE DAILY DOGGIE...THE POWERFUL PEOPLE IN SOME OFFICE WILL FINE YOU  AND TAKE YOUR HOME AWAY... well...  i put the thing there-- and i wrote to the forest management department and told them what i had done, and asked them what they would like me to do next.... including take it out of there....
- and they told me to do nothing---   so i am not paniced.. at least yet... it is one of those situations where some well meaning person at the age of 8 missed teh lectue in class about water ... it will flow downhill and there is not a darn thing you can do about it.-- that ditch was made prehistorically by a glacier- and i am suer at some point will have some water in it--  that pipe will  just help it across teh path ----- at 15 " diameter- that would  let  alot of water pass by... and  if in some spring deluge the 15" is not enough, it wll just flow over the pipe...  water is like that - it's gonna do what water wants to do.. somebody said   "nae man can tether time nor tide"-- if that 15 " pipe is not enough i can guarentee you i will be looking at the 40 day weather forecast and starting to clear a 300 x 50 cubit space for construction.

i am definitely a water worshiper-  at a young age i wondered if  there exists a place in the rocky mountains where you could pour a gallon of water over a peak and ½ woud land in the atlantic and ½ in the pacific. this concept was discussed at great legnth with a  college  friend of my daughters... Bob---bright guy---kenyon college...who's mind  is not impaired by conventional thinking.. he pointed out  that  the propbem witht he united states was that    a huge percent of the food in the USA  is grown in california, shipped east, chewed and swallowed and those nutrients landed in the atlantic ocean
i bet none of you ever worried about that.
Bob-- is capable of some very interesting arguements- to be discussed at some future dd... my disagreement with teh  tide charts.
the japanesse film crew is due here in ½  hour--they are doing a film on morquio--- i am told... without any verification.. that  severely handicapped people in japan are "kept" in communes- and teh  general pitch of this film is how george has bella out being a productive person... hopefully bella will grow up to solve global warming.  bright kid.
the presidental debate... not nearly as colorful as i had anticipated--- actually looked very like a saturday night live show.
 Hey Carlene,
I keep forgetting to email you but here it is! Zepplin is doing great! I had forgotten how many, "your dog is beautiful! comments that I used to get from Spot but I'm definitely getting them again. He is gorgeous inmy humble opinion. 😉 He is the perfect dog like Meghan said. He's incredibly sweet, calm, friendly to a fault. My kids love him and he's great with them (although he's so big that he sometimes knocks them over. ) 

So thank you, thank you, thank you to you, Meghan, Steve, Devon, all of the volunteers, and CPs for raising such an incredible dog and most of all, giving me my independence back. 

 We had to tip-toe through the rain drops, but our mission was accomplished and we were not even out of the car, when they opened the door and said, "It's the 19th".
HALLOWEEN CUPCAKES have been delivered and well received. ...."we're eating these Thanks to my husband icing them - we did our 19th of the month Appreciation Day. 
Once a year, the firemen, by seniority, get to choose which of the 4 stations they want to service. So I will be making a couple new friends. The third man in the picture is my husband - now known as the pastry icing chef...(he's going to love me for this). 
Carlene - you make my day every time I do this....thanks for the idea.

See picture attached.

Ila Steutermann
Weldon Spring, MO

i have always marveled at obama's suits and how perfectly the fit.... i mentioned that  yeserday... --a camera person came up with the fact that his suits are made by a survivor oif the holocast.. nd found this u tube...

 the president;s tailor survived Auschwltz 

it is worth a look