Saturday, October 29, 2016

oct 29 2016
we are over the hump--( the hump being half way on the sale of chicken bricks)and it is this way almost every month--yet we thankfully  sell out in the long run....   i do see many new names-- and toward teh end of the month the heavy hitters do seem to swing into action,     but rest assured every single $10 chicken brick is vital-- because there is no way i can make the monthly payroll without it.  so if you can,  figure every $10  as a "making the payroll"  without which there would be no service dog project.. and all these great dogs would have to be given away as perfect pets....   yuck !  

if you can't afford it, you can certainly introduce someone  else to the  miracle of modern technology of these cameras from

i certainly understand not having $10..... i remember when my kids were little- and my income and theirs was totally from  the distribution of a magazine called the want advertiser--- which was a printed version of ebay...- we lived on teh income  mostly  IN COINS--  ... and  i had a $40 charge account at the local grocery store that i  had an awful time paying it off.... so i know.....  my morgage was $305 a month so that got paid first... and the hay bill second.
 whatever....we made it...  but i had no extra $10 then.
now i need a good $30,000 a month for the payroll-- and believe me... i don't have that either..  so i am totally dependent on the lot of you to keep  us going.
i am also dependent on you all for my external memory device.... i am never offended by people reminding me to do things.  the latest funny one was-- the post surgery  eye drops... 2 kinds.. 5 minutes apart   --- at mail call someone reminded me to put in the eye drops-- and 5 minutes later called back to say you forgot the second drop.... which was true...
maybe.... just maybe, next month.....,,, i should try to  offer a bonus brick deal--- where if you buy a brick before the  19th of the month ( cake day)  i will assign you a  number in the purple division... might make it easier on my nerves.....
there are alot of  readers of this  DD who have trouble figuring out the chicken bricks inthe forst place...  try explaining that !!!
  we had an overnight comment about taking a cardboard away from sizzle which bears discussion...
if you are sittingin my offive/living room?- balancing  your dinner on your knees-- which happens often-- and a dog comes along---- do not lift the plate away from th edog's nose--- just take 2 fingerws and snap them across teh nose and say  something approptaite  like "don't touch"  or "this is mine" there is no point in trying to lift your plate out of the reach of the dog... these guys can reach 7 feet in the air... it is far better that they learn to think twice  about stealing food off you r plate. point is... leave the object there and make the dog understand it  is yours.
now if they are chewing  what they consider a toy-- like a perfectly good shoe- the instinct to grab it awayis great, however -- to be polite in dog language you want  to " swap that for a cookie"    because  if you dotoomuch snatching, you will not be able to catch the dog  next time.... i have seen the scenerio too often " he has my best pocketbook and i can't catch him" . dogs come preprogrammed  in the "keep away" game -- so you don't want to even go there.

plan ahead..  the third element of dog training
i am not sure about he first  2, but i wil think about it. 


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