Sunday, October 30, 2016

oct 30 2016
my car---i have decided it is  way tooo tech savvy for me to do anything except sit in it ...
janine had to leave  for teh airport at 4am and since i am up before 4  i said i would drive her..

so----- i had time to sit and drink coffee in the driveway at 3:30 and decidedt to reead the manual "how to drive your new car"  it is no wonder i am terrified of it... 
first page-- there are over 40 tiny little circles with numbers in them to explain how this miracle of modern engineering is set to function..  bravely i started--- should be simple....the clock  has had the worng time for over a year.-  it isn't even  should be a simpletask to change it ( just before daylight saving nonsense when i have to  change it again) 
..i would have started except i noticed a tiny button in the vicinity of the clock which was labeled  something about " "prohbits engine from starting."   i knew  it... the thing is set up to have me fail and have to call toyota for a road call so they can push that button and charge me $200.
we are sooooo helpless when it comes to dealing with someone who has studied  what we innocently will do without thinking.... pushing a button in the vicinity of the clock should make the clock do something????  no  those clock 
 buttons are down by your right ankle...
which started the discussion with janine-- who is really quite enjoyable to talk to when trapped ina car and can not go anywhere...
she said--- don't know if it is true yet.. IBM   is buying   the weather channels--- because this  "ALL KNOWING WATSON IN THE CLOUD" IBM computer that has been gathering stats on all of us for years, has found that weather  is the #1 basis for making decisions.... janine has a way of knowing odd facts like that...

i know when i go out the checkout in the market and pay by credit card- all is well..... if i pay by cash, they ask for my zip if there is someone somewhere that is keeping track of the fact that i bought a can of sardines  while it was raining out, i fear that the person does not have enough to do...
however.....then she got into  ,.... it is a fact that whoever becpmes president will have the  ability to turn off teh electricity of  entire sections of the country with the help of only one or two other people.    that was teh scarey part.

i have always known that a   blizzard in  january  will produce a bunch of children in october   it never occured to me that the science had progressed... or that anyone needed to have it progress.

so i went back to concentrating on those things over whic i had some control....  like slowing down to 80 mph--
nice car... 4am.. no traffic to suggest any particular speed...... pedal offererd no resistance as i pushed it down--- so until i looked down at all these lighted dials and such , i had no idea that spedometer  pointed that direction....  i slowed down to 80 and it felt like i was crawling home.
the donkey walk today  should go off normaly-- we have several people here who  know one from the other... like tanner... he is very experiwenced now.... having been kicked  3 times in the last waalk... experience comes from bad experiences...-- but these kicks were happy kicks.. not mean ones.
i don't think we have a mean donkey -- that doesn't make it hurt less.. it is much thee same as  a happy toy chewing bite of a great dane-  it can still make holes in peolpe- we never encourage  tugg of war withthe dogs for that reason.
and the week of prepared meals on schedule  is over... ingrid and her friends are leaving... the laundry is a beautiful shade of turquiose-- as is that  cute little jack russel "wanda" .. i will sorely miss teh "lunch will be served at 12:20"
the fact that they are leaving ..might.. make dieting easier...
back to chinese food and pizza. 
and the buildiing has 12  layers of concrete  blocks-- apparently jack will start the rafters along about wednesday..

tomorrow i may try and figure  out how to get my car's temp on farrenheit instead of cellcius