Friday, October 7, 2016

oct 7 2016
i am  overwhelmed by all i don't know and can not do anything about.
i drove richard to southstation for the train to dc...  we left at 6am-- and teh  traffic was solid but m oving
 no problem .. pulled aside south station- and tehre were so many people on the sidewalk you could hardly open that  door----
 to open the drivers side necessitated battling the busses which seemed to be carrying all the people that would not fit on the sidewalk.
 i dropped him in a wad  of people-and  he was about 10 feet from the building so he should be ok.( and he was)
... i turned to go north on 93  when the entire state of new hampshire had all got in cars one at  a time to sit in the parking lot which used to be called route 1-   going north,   i passed eight  miles of ss traffic ( solid sitting ) -- i wanted to yell to them that boston was already full..
if that is the real world today... we missed something in the planning department.  there has to be a better way...  one to a car makes it all worse...  richard tells me california is worse.  there is something very wrong.
maybe we should start piling newborns 6 to a bassenette to  condition them to riding 6 people in one car in thier later life.  get 'em young, train  'em early... of course- there are too many people to begin with...  doesn't the bible say lust is the problem?  so don't belief it when people tell you texting is a problem.  texting doesn't produce "huddled masses yearning to breathe free"....lust does.
 then  there is the world of google.... it enables you to know any fact. without knowing any of the details which lead up to that.  where once you learned to crawl, walk and run, now-- with the aid of computers,  your run then  slows to a crawl, then fall flat on your face.
which is where i am with constanty contact-- that sends out this DD.
i am not sure it is worth your time to read this detail...
i once sent out  the dd to volunteers plus a few  like 300.... .-- it got too much for aol... so i "hired" constant contact to send teh emails..  and i added a few as we went along  to 1784 "sent"  by 2016--then added a bunch of chicken brick buyers  that wanted  to be gettin g the DD in their email box...2046  sent.. then all of a sudden  they told me 600 had unsubscribed all on one day-- at the rate of 5 per second...   and they sent out 1989.
gotta be teh new math cause it does not add up to me !!  and the customer support line did not support  the concept that 600 humans could not un-subscribe at the rate of 5 per second.....    and told me it was illegal now for them to send  the dd to them..  one of these people is debby gaffeney  who said she did not unsubscribe-- and  filled out the form to let them send it again...

so if any of you are in that boat,  email  constant  contact  and battle it iout-- in the meantime read this dd off our web.  i put it there right after i put it in  CC. 
i made a nice neat tidy list of to do's  then realized  i don't know how to do any of it-- all these things i can look up on google-- but how to carry out the details-- jest ain't there !!
so many people send me ideas  which i love...  carrying them out is a whole new ballgame...
so i take the easy way out and eat pie and whipped cream and wish i had the answers...
****we are needing to break up the 8 authors... they are getting rough..

i wish each of the pups could be taught to use the yuppy puppy... it wold be good for them to have something else to think about oth than chewing on each other...

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