Tuesday, November 1, 2016

nov 1 2016

to sticker or not to sticker, that is the question..
which is more noble?  ----not a totally simple question.

it is about the lifesaver project....just handing out  a roll of lifesavers to a cop on the beat-- or directing traffic...gets big smiles on both sides..   
to the cop... for a minute he doesn't know what.. and then smiles big time as he figures it out...
if we had a sticker we are back to "i have to be sure they know and give us credit" which miuddies the waters and does not make it quite the random act of kindness we started with.
they are nice stickers  "thank you for being a life saver.... inspired by /servicedogproject.org " 
we can discuss it tonight...
tonight is the board meeting... i.e  the ketchup from dogfest-- doooo's and don't'sss--- kitty will be goining us--- us being anne, earlysandy, mark, gwen(janine is away) for dinner..  did i forget anyone?  
i have to comment -- this cloud  business of my computer  talking to  my phone- providing religious music at random in  my car... while SIRI  reads thru my list of emails  ...... i really would prefer to have a button to push "do you want to tell your car about that email?"
i think we are loosing control-- one small piece of dust in the wrong place and that siri person would read teh email to the cop when he lifts the windshield wiper to give me  a parking ticket. 
These tech fellows are all   focused on what they can do-- so a computer chip the size of a n aspirin ( costing $3567.00) becomes the nerve center of car  operations....  my PHD in murphy's law  reminds me how creative mr murphy was/is... that one statement that makes computers so powerful  "IF"--- sounds wonderful---" if the windshied wipers are on, turn on the headlights" not too bad.... but  each car mfgr had a different programmer so that when you want to leave your car you have too many   "if "loops  a ? weight on seat? key in ignition?  car in  park? headlights on/ 30 more seconds ?door locked? horn tooting. so when your car has teh inevitable nervous breakdown it goes backwards thru the  mess locking the door while the horn is tooting and the headlights flash with windshield wipers going.. just because  you missed teh loop about the key in the ignition- 

it happens so often that  you try and get in  your car and  the door is locked    teh horn blows lights flash so you figure figure that you left the key in the ignition  .. and all you can do is pray the  battery goes dead  before the police arrive and ask to see you r license  to check your age---so they can go home and tell everyone "i had this 94 year  old lady who  thought she  forgot to take her keys out of the ignition-- when in fact she had the wrong car."  -
i used to love driving my 2 ambulances---you could not loose them in a mall parking lot--and  they never put on their own siren.. people got out of the way at intersections... it worked out just fine.
doing a "what if"  
what if when my daughter gwen signed in to my desk computer so she could show me some photo on facebook, that my computer  wirelessly put all my emails on her laptop-( which was on her lap)  so when she borrowed megan's  car  to go to get lobster for dinner, this bluetooth nonsense moved all my emails to megan's car- which got transfered to the guy who owns teh shell station when megan used her charge card to get gas - which he wirelesly took home and got transferred to the  electritian's cell when he installed the floodlight.  so when the electritian's emails  are read by the guy's 10 year old daughter, she starts asking questions she should not be asking- which she got off my emails.
remember the trashcans in new york talking to the trucks-
and--- there is a way of having teh shopping cart  at the supermarket  remind you that your kitchen  closet is out of tumeric so you better buy some.
too much  too much...
gwen-- who knows wierd things too... just otld me that the reason the whole internet went down on the east coast  a coule weeks ago...was that the hackers got in thru homeowners type access which does not have the firewalls they shouold-- and we are way behingd in that "stuff"
short doggie... rushing...

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  1. Can you contact Lifesavers and see if there is a way to have the labels printed with SDP on them? I've seen them as favors for weddings with the bride and grooms name on them. It's a good marketing scheme. Just a thought.