Monday, November 14, 2016

nov 14 2016

 the new business of   P.S.  ( portable shatting)----  this concept may need explaining to new commers... but go ahead.. ask... 
i am thrilled to announce that the  $%^&*()_+)(* i movie  i have been working on .. does copy and  land on a thumb drive and is playable on a laptop -- hopefully a generic laptop...  i would have been devastated otherwise..
so at the moment i have an 11 minute movie... which i will triplicate for a 33 minute movie... with the winner at the end...-- at which point i wll be able to send these to anyone wanting to try a fundraiser where we at least get the advertising., or maybe 50% , .. or if we are lucky 100% --- whatever...  it would require a person to stand around and answer questions.. a laptop... 2 bowls  ... and 2 books to use as "stands" for the posters.  it should work....  it is an experiment-  so far the people that have seen this have really enjoyed lets try.   .i hope we get 1000 requests  from camera people  for this  "portable  shatting" .

should be a great  conversational addition to silent auctions, cocktail parties,, or fall festival tyoe things...mostly puppy pictures- and training- then graduates with their dogs...with some old calendar shots...a fun movie...
busy day--  and donna is sick--  purina could be delivered anytine from 7 to noon- and someone will have to use the tractor to get the pallets off the truck.. hopefully ryan will be here... 
i have a dr apt at 8:30 and have to leave to go to a rotary luncheon at noon.
lumber is here and after studying the pile, the term LVL beam must mean a sandwich of 2 plywood kind of structural  wood with a normal piece of lumber between -- down the middle of the building off which the 2 x 10 rafters will support the loft floor...
that is what you should see next.  jack should be here soon/
stool report---the  harl pup with the  acorns flying out of his bumm seems to have passed them all and is back in the barn with  "soft mounds" with no cylindars...
and maya has moved in... she is still drinking alot of wter and it is going thru... in spite of the sntibiotic she is on for kidney infection... seems perfectly happy... tho yesterday she was on 3 legs once in a while... 
it was reported to me she was nasally noisy... but sitting here wih me... she TALKS  constantly... so i don't think she has any additonal problems... at least yet.
and the donkey mom goes on and on..
may i remind you  once again... it could be a mule if  she was bred by a pony...
thank you all for reminding everyone that SDP is very familiar with all the  rules,  as we decide what is best for dog and human.......
Thank you for sharing your wealth of dog knowledge and dog 
training and care wisdom. Sure enjoy and appreciate this information 

DiDi and I are doing well in our new house in Idaho, waiting for Larry
to finish the moving process. I have found I feel better and have more
energy in this dry desert air.  I pretty much had most of the people
trained on service dog etiquette, but now must start all over again. 
I suppose this is a good thing if I think of it as a helpful service for 
other service dog recipients.

Have a great week.
asymptotic  a line that continually approaches a given curve but does not meet it at any finite distance.


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