Thursday, November 17, 2016

nov 17 2016
unflapping????--boy... my age is showing.... i just happened to flip thru a time magazine to an advertizement about how these shirts are specially made  not to be tucked in. -----  and they called it an unflapping trend... i could not believe it !!

When i went to speak at the rotary club in lexingoton-- a very nice jolly  man came out to the car to introduce hinmself- and i figured we had interupted his shower after a round of golf- and he must have rushed to be helpful--and forgot to tuck in his shirt---  how was i to know he was being fashionable...????

do i detect a defininte downward trend?  -- the word slovenly comes to mind-- what genius came up with making fashionable what is going to happen anyway.. along with uncombed hair and torn blue jeans.
this is very closely related to boys with pants sliding south- that i just want to yank off-- and girls with  shorts so short they look like they are trying to wear what they outgrew 4 years ago.
you could hardly call me  "fashion conscious " -- you will not find me paying  good money to glue things on my fingernails which would fall off the minute you picked up a bale of hay.... there are alot of things better suited to a beer hall than a farm--- there does come a practical aspect of attire in general...
what is the matter with unobtrusive being fashionable????

 in the past years here , i have had to speak to a few  where pure safety becomes an issue..
those falling down  pants,----- in an emergency... if both your hands are  trying to hold onto something  your ankles could get tied together by descending pants.... 

 high school kids come here  who are  supposed to do community service for national honor society -- so are kids who have something like a DUI... and when they come up the driveway, i can almost tell which is i get into .." which came first the chicken or the egg..."  which came first slovenly dress code or sloppy living codes?  --

i am not sure i would go as far as the catholic schools in my past which demanded uniforms---  but i do think there is alot more  to be said for those... than  the uniforms of sagging britches designed by the fashionable  crowd.  When we went to a local school there was one kid who was dressed in a garbage bag to object to the dress code... if the school lets him...  they are on their own,  they are supposed to be preparring a person to enter the work force and lead a useful existance----  but if he shows up in my driveway  in his garbage bag don't tell me i have to hire him...

we did have a nasty accident with long i now have a law if it touches your shoulders put it in an elastic..  it involved a person trimming dog nails with a dremmel drill/grinder... her hair got stuck in the drill and immediately crawled up to scar her face before she could let go.
and then there is the  hanging of the leashes around your neck.... these are not stethoscopes-- it is not a very bright thing to do  - especially if you  put the end thru the loop....
i would love to know  who convinced men it was fashionable  tto tie a noose around their neck ?

i better leave that one alone...

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