Sunday, November 20, 2016

nov 20 2016
small world---  long story....  really about apples?

ever siince i went and bought 100 blue ribbons for 15 cents each rather than  trundle arouwnd to many dog shows, i have not been a favorite of the AKC-- and rightly so- i am more than slightly opinionated   (just in case no one noticed...)...i had a female dane i wanted to breed---and being unregistered no member of the  showing world would even talk to me-- breeding unregistered dog was/is against the teachings  of the akc as a matter of fact breeding a dog tht does not have a championship title is dreadful..  
They have a point- they are trying to discourage random breeding  and   "improve the dogs- to breed standards"  and alot  of people work very hard at that..  my problem is the people who have set the breed standard have lost track of a basic healthy strong dog.

let me remind you  pride goeth before a fall - and i should not open my keyboard  to this because disaster can strike anywhere anytime  especially in animal breeding....( we all know the disasters of random breeding of humans-- but i won't get into that)

what set me off- at least this last time, is a woman called  yesterday  who wanted to donate 8 dane puppies she couldnt sell for $700... and being well aware thaat goldie ( our ghost of the left hand drawer)sometimes comes up with suggestions to which i should at least consider... i asked her about her  danes.... she had 17 which she called  "her dogs"  plus these 8 pups.-- i know what it is like to have 25 dogs-  and  i constantly live in fear of having a bunch of dogs i can not afford or physically afford  to care for...- but even assuming hers are perfectly cared for, i went on about what kind of danes?  she immediately bragged about  "they are all over 39 inches tall and 200 pounds..."   now that is a big dog by my next question was  how old is your oldest ?  6 years.--it was difficult-- but i  was careful and said we tried to keep the size around 32 inches  because they seem to us,  to live longer/healthier- at which point i got the "breed standard" lecture... which was all about color, height, weight... 

not all show breeders are that  insensative--- there is one breeder   jp  yousha of chromadane  from ? texas  --- i would love to connect with her  -- she has very accomplished danes in the agility world- and i would be thrilled  to  maybe get a pup of hers or use one of her studs to  keep our bloodlines varried.. and even better get her involved with adi and put some of her dogs to work as  certified service dogs.    i have never been able  to convince her that i was not  a complete nut raising unregistered danes for profit..  darn it...

so back to my apple story---- way back ... i had a nice  dog( 100% bmw  kennel) i wanted to breed -- and called around-got no where --- til i ran into Linda-- in marlboro new york--- had a nice dog  EARL   was only 4 hours away by car... and was happy with $1000 without all the "pick of litter" or breeding agreements that  are worse than adopting a child.  i wandered back and forth every 2 days to get mabeline bred-- which produced pipi and  much of our current line...mabeline->pipi->bitsy-> thumper-> nearly every dog we now have....
so why apples?  linda's family owned  apple orchards- and had a apple storage building that would make our arena look like a small shed--  and all those  apples had stickers on them  to identify the original orchard  .... 4812--- which i just found on  the apple i had for breakfast today.  
small world...
 now for a particularly distasteful topic.....apparently thoreau threw up again last night... and ate it back again..  danes often do that -- sort of wanting to look it over and leave out one piece that wasn't working...
yuck !

have a nice day :)

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