Tuesday, November 22, 2016

nov 22 2016
Just got back from having sonogram at vets. I know you don't trust them but we did count 7 puppies, very active and good strong heart beats. 
Gussie is doing extremely well. She weighs 134.5 which means she's gained 5 pounds. Dr looked at liver, kidneys, bladder etc and proclaimed her very healthy. 
That's all for now. Take this all with a grain of salt, as you know. Will be in touch as we get closer to Dec. 10
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i like that report and trust that  discovery..... just fyi.....my feeling on  sonograms  if they can see one good strong heartbeat, that would confirm the pregnancy  -- however...-if they can not find a heartbeat that does not necessarily mean no pregnancy...it just means they could not find one....you get to talking probabilities here-
- simply put --- a yes is a yes-- but a no is only probably a no...
now as for the number-- counting pups is not an exact science... i have seen in my lifetime   things like 7 puppies turning our to be 3 because they counted teh same ones 2 or 3 times...  and 7 pups turning into 13  because they missed some. the game there is how many heartbeats did they see in the same frame- and i doubt it was 7-- sometimes you can see 3-- for the vet to say 7 i would suspect more than 7...- at any rate she  "has a belly full" 
if she is due dec 10, she should come here around the 3rd or  4th  which would make dec 2nd-3rd furnature moving days.
now as for the donkey-- janine decided she was too stressed separated from the "herd"  so she removed the barrier--- probabilities here, mean she will probably have it outside and off camera- but if she is stressed, and janine could be right,   we have to deal with her first- then the cmeras..  she looks perfectly comfortable now...  we still must hand feed her grain-- she is thin...
we had a traffic jam in the yard yesterday...  the huge truck with the lumber for the roof arrived and unloaded the supplies onto the second floor of the building-- then the hay truck with 200 bales of nice timothy hay for the loft in the barn.. and then the firewood  2.5 pallets dumped by the teepee  which , until ryan gets it stacked, is blociking in one of the golf carts-- we did get it covered with an orange tarp- so it is all under control as  much as it ccna be.
my nutty prof will have to be at 11 am today-- hopefully someone will record it and replay at 1:00.   i do have a dr. apt which i must keep...  and i got all ready-- i will be dealing with the panama canal and getting heavy ships overland with a demo with my rubber ducky and moving water..  i like water....
i have read a couple books on the building of the canal - non so far have dealt with the physics but talked greatly about  bugs and people dying with  mosquito borne  diseases- which certainly was a huge factor.

i am also going to move the camera angle to get a slightly  more  horizontal view-- the straight down version is hard to visualize...
we packed up 5 portable shatting envelopes yesterday-- and got 4 in the mail... megan took one to sommerville with bella  and i have yet to hear how it went...  we have another couple to fill today- i need to get  some more flash drives---  i have no clue as to how this will go... should be amusing-- and .. at the moment it isnot sdp money spent on this nonsense-- but my out of pocket-- and 100% of the proceeds ( if there are any?????) will go to  SDP.. 
get your requests in....it is a good entertainment item even if you don't use it to actually collect money... it might get more people  interested in  sdp  and  explore projects. 
with all of you supporting sdp  with the chicken bricks, i have a little extramoney to experiment with ideas--- which is  how we got great danes as service dogs to start with.  i smile daily when i hear those words "you great dane people are nuts" -- actually we are more than slightly nutty....    i do believe you need  to have a sense of humor to be a successful dane owner.
tina is dealing with china  and teh  ordering of the new simple web harness-- i continue to be impressed with  the ease with which mr moon simplifies how you can order from china-- i don't know of a mr moon in the usa.  ebay  ain't quite the same....
you have no idea how  our  5 gallon water bubbler sounds like a dog vomiting.  i wonder if the dogs hae discoveed tht every time anyone gets a drink of water, i run around giving out cookies so they don't have empty tummies early in the morning... with danes, morning empty tummies = a small quantity of yellow goop ceremoniously dumped on the floor by one dog while the other rush over to see what comes out.
 i think  the reason the dogs/pups find  the process of vomiting so attractive is the fac that  when they are about 3 weeks old mommie  backs off from nursing, and the only way a wolf mommy can bring home food is to fillher tummy and vomit it up at home for the pups.  i try to tell the mommies here it is not necessary, but they all seem to do it...  that unique noise carries on into their adult life.
?truth in advertising???
now for the annoying math in advertising...  i first noticed liberty insurance telling everyone they would pay the full price of the wrecked car plus  deduction..-- a true fact since deduction is a negative number to add a negative reduces the  amt paid... but they accent the plus
someone must have called them on this- because  just in the 3 ads i heard overnight  liberty has now said
full cost of your car
full cost of your car plus deduction
full cost of your car and deductions.

which boils down to ....  sounding  good, with less money
this battery is good for up to 100 years... oh great   if it lasts for 2 weeks, that is still up  to 100 years.

it is that up part that gets you.