Wednesday, November 23, 2016

nov 23 2016
it is all ingrids fault--- she sent me a  "thing' to send her a big file...and my machine  did an amazing collection of saved vfiles shortened into larger ones -- it is now sending a 3.1 GB file where it says only 1.9 GB is possible...  proving once again it is alot easier to talk about computer capabilities than it is to actually get anything done with them.  i am sure this  computer has a perfectly good reason to consider a shortened file bigger than the origional, but i won't bother today..

there is also the arguement about  "how many angels on the head of a pin" when i ask the movie thing to copy it somewhere it make a tiny dot--- upper right--then swings a  tiny minute hand  kind of thing that caused 3 adults to stand and say "i think it moved.... no it didn't .. i'm sure it di d"   then  all of a sudden it says "no i didn't"  and you are back to the start. which then causes a round of "my machine doesn't do that" 
ANYONE WANTING  LETTERS TO PUT IN THEIR CHRISTMAS CARD, I WILL TRY ATTACHING IT HERE... OR EMAIL ME AND I WILL SEND A BUNCH that did not work... ask and i will send some... or the file in a regular email...

actually i will try and send a bunch later this morning--- a generic information kind of paper  not asking for  money, but implying they might be interested in the explore  cameras everywhere... including here.-- the file is in color, but due to the cost of ink, you can print it isn black an d
aside from the fact that the web  is inthe process.....sounds like we are taking calendar orders for mailing about dec 5...
the puzzles will have to wait for january..  i wasn't goin g to get any until i saw the fierhouse picture- makes a nice puzzle...
so the doggie bag will have   janine's new book ( if she finishes it-- it is on horse rescue-  very interesting.. not amusing) betsy' jewelery, my donkey toothpick holders, harness, and things like that-- kitty gets the gold star for pulling the calendar thru... once again .. it is a thing of beauty..  keeps gettin g better.... and every time it makes us swear to start filming  the next one in january-feb snow-- and we end up trying to find snow in september for the christmas shot...
Hi Everyone -
Boxes and boxes of calendars will be delivered on Friday Dec. 2.
Linda, I can help with shipping the week of Dec. 5. I'll be in touch.
and you must watch....

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