Friday, November 25, 2016

nov 25 2016
i heard on the friday  will now start on thursday-- i wonder what our european relatives think about that..i must put stickers on 2 "day" clocks  friday will be held on thursday- and to alleviate confusion  thursday will be done on tuesday.  next week wednesday will be eliminated entirely.  there is no end....already i know.. with the trash... if monday is a holiday, then thursday collection will be friday.
 all of it is the design of many people who spend the entire year trying to figure out how to get the world to spend money they don't have on items they don't need.  i am as guilty as any... parked next to the antique icebox is a voting machine from florida.. it was on ebay years ago-- for $300  i could not resist- i had to have a look at this hanging chad bit. it has been worth the $300 to see one of the voting irregularities in florida that year. an error of design..

.there is a left side, right side, and in the middle are the holes to punch out making the chads...

on the left -- names of presidential candidates  bush, gore, and 4 more 
 on the right side  are another 3 candidates. pat buchannen, davis someone and  one more. 
people in general don't read alot anyway,
 so if gore was teh second one on the list, one might assume to poke the second hole to vote for him.
however   the second hole was for  top guy on the right side-- the gore chad was the third one.
i have shown this to many people and unless i warn them,  they all push teh 2nd chad  thinking it for gore
and that is pat's chad.. -- an innocent error of design?  could be... however....
i would like to see our voting proceedure "revisited"
i want new rules-  you should not have to wait more than 1 hour to vote. why should any section have a 6 hour wait?
and forget the computerization of voting. i want a paper ballot-  with all the paper wasted in and around teh gov't don't give me 
baloney about save teh trees... and  i much prefer the dunk a finger in purple ink  method-

all this is because i just sent $50 ( not sdp money....  mine...) to the ones wanting to count some ballots-
-that is not a statement about trump or hillary... my statement is... i want to know--
  ever since  that hanging chad bit, i have been very suspicious of anyone who says teh voting  in the states is perfect.
we don't even know the ways  it all could be much less than perfect.
i wanna know...
Hi Carlene & all at SDP,
Today I reflect on how lucky & thankful I am for having my sweet Princess Ruckus in my life. Thank you to all associated with SDP & have a Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🦃 Also I included some pictures & video of Ruckus waiting /seeing her favorite TV show. Why National Dog Show of course lol

Today, I give thanks for Ava. And I give thanks to everyone who has picked her poo, told her to wait before giving her a cookie, bought a chicken brick, or in anyway helped her and trained her to become the loving, faithful service dog that she is. 

Thank you to Carlene and everyone in the SDP Family.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Cindy  (and Jim, too)
many of you may have seen this-- if not ... it is worth it