Thursday, November 3, 2016

nov 3 2016
i watched the ballgame...!  i get on better with baseball- than hockey or football-- everyone moves much slower  with alot of standing around-- i can see what is going on... plus teh ball is white- easier to see.
there are alot of details to see.. like baseball players all chew gum..
the idea of showing the  square where the strike one is --- and where the ball actually went-- could make for alot of unhappy umpires... when wonce thier rule was law.... now it is  "well lets see" 
too true too often in alot of stuff -- where we once would accept and go on,  now we confuse ourselves with which angel is on which pin.....
dogfest included...  couple years ago i tried to keep everyone happy by spliting decisions- most noteably who ate what food and  therefore did not owe the $60- which tied us all up in knots about -- "well sunday we would be leaving before the $5.00 ben and gerry's icecream truck got here... so we only  owe  $55"  this last year it was" $60 or eat peanut butter-- which would be provided.."  and it was easier and everyone was happier.

and teh  supreme court dealing with the kid  with cp who can't walk  vs the kid with allergies -  there is no reason the dripping nose should trump the cp-- blow your darn nose and get on with life.. it is probbly a case of someone who is afraid of dogs--  get over it.  
 maybe this is the answer....  put both in wheelchairs and see how long it takes the parents of the kid with allergies to decide they can cope with allergiees without squalking about a dog.

now.... about the gum.....along with the poems my mother made us learn-- 
..there was...
the gum chewing girl and the cud chewing cow
are somewhat alike - yet different somehow
i see what it is- i've got it now
is the thoughtful expression on the face of the cow.

i thought of that recently --- after the last political debate, i was heard to say
"the only thing that could have made it worse is if they both...had been chewing gum."
details ... details....
venting----- i decided the best way for me to get some of the videos we need is for me to be able to do them myself
because it takes soooo long to describe what we need, it might be better if i coudl do them myself.  i have tried delegating--- sometimes that just does not work.
mark does them.. so i asked... and he told me the program he uses
 i bit the bullet and went and bought the one he used- thinking he coudl straighten me out if i got stuck.
i paid teh  $79 -- down loaded it--ppushed teh  button and immediately got  "you can;t do that because of something about os-x".
i try and get this computer to help me- and nearly every time i am worse off.
this time i am out the $79.....and will spent hours o n hold trying to straighten that out.
the frustration is very great.  it steals my time- when it should not.
couple that with short term memory, by the time their customer service phone works 9am central time, i will have forgotten what  i was  to do.
meanwhile--  i took the  "GUY"  from teh trails  commission out on my golf cart to see the trail we use... and he said he would deal... so i am off the hook on that one.-- he admitted he had spent most of his time "on the other side of town" ( i.e.  rr tracks) where the heavy rollers live. 
that golf cart is wonderful--  electric ---sits high on big knobby tires... i would give it a "plug" if i could spell the name ... maybe ESGO  might be close....  ?ezgo????
alot of dogs coming and going...

i will try and figure that out tomorrow...  maybe

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  1. I own an apple computer. You should have iMovie on your computer. I don't make movies, but I am sure some teen out there can show you how.