Saturday, November 5, 2016

nov 5 2016

selling out the chicken bricks loosened up my head to concentrate better..... many thanks !!!

 re: that program have wanted to send out as a fund raiser.....

 2:00am----i may have had teh stroke of brilliance i have been waitnig for....  
it has been a long haul....  but at the board meeting when kitty said
"how do  you know  whagt chicken shat is all about.???... i was annoyed and thought ----- just  muddle thru....
and then  i saw the ad abotu  people 's concentration is only 8 seconds( so the car will stop you if you get daydreaming...)
i thought 8 seconds.....i remembered from advertising work  10 seconds is 27 words... and began to thnik of m all the fussing anne and i do abotu the first sentance of any grant proposal ( because sometimes i think that is all someone reads) and i realized.... it is possibel to convey an idea in 10 seconds-- it just takes planning
kitty's problem was when someone comes in the middle of the video how do they understand?
i was thinking they needed to understand  something as complicated as the origin of the universe, but when i broke it down to 10-12 seconds it is possible.  so now i need 3 sentances -- which would work.

they would need to be  put in some  order, but each "unit" of  15 seconds would have a concept all it's own...

*****donate $      pick a #
help us raise and train
these pups
 to be future service dogs
---lots of 3 second  pictures  

*****donate $     pick a #
your $$ helps  us train the dogs
+ our hens might pick your #
 as teh new member of 
Shat society of ipswich
---lots of 3 second  pictures  

*****donate $  pick a #
watch how these pups 
learn to learn
spoon feeding an after dinner treat
they learn to wait
and pay attention
---lots of 3 second  pictures  

*****donate $  pick a #
all this takes money
about $20,000
per graduate dog
these service dogs are not valuable
they are invaluable.

*****donate $  pick a #
there are members worldwide
of this Shatupon society of ipswich
picture certificate
the benifit of this membership is dubious.

why the chickens ?
because cows
 for cow bingo are tooooooo big.

stuff like that...
to go for a half hour , i need 130 of those---- so make suggestions-- probably to lindak, 

this also gives us a chance to say
stay involved
 first sunday of the month-----

it works for me to think of a particular picture and then put in t words...
like standing at a table " we always eat one to a bowl?" 
 so if you get one written, send it withthe accompanying photo if possible

 there may be massive work for mark to redo some of the pictures we can't find ( altho he knows the 43,000 pictures darn well/////
like the yuppy "our dogs are taught to think..."   idea

annnnnne... hhhheeeelllllllllp

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