Wednesday, December 21, 2016

dec 21 2016
we have started a collection of gloves- next to the does contain many gloves.. particularly the left ones... and small ones....from cute white gloves to welding mitts..--because there are so many left gloves... maybe we should do with gloves what we did with glasses-- everybody has a collection of gloves too usefull to  throw away in case the mate comes along...  so if you have some, send them in.... we are not fussy about matching anything.. in cold weather a glove is a glove.
i had a pair i liked..  but... the nicer they are the more they are inclined to wander...
which reminds me...
when we first moved to ipswich, i was in my creative mode, and bought a lovely big mailbox- and decorated it appropriately..  a friend-- ann getchel-spoke great words of wisdom--  once anyway--... and said if you have a very attractive mailbox someone will come along and smash it..- and she was right..  there is a world of wisdom there...  until this car i now drive, i never had a car i had to take the keys out of the ignition...  there was  not a thief in the world who would bother stealing what i drove.  and then there were the 2 one stole them either..

from mailboxes she generalized   "you don't want to own anything someone else would want"  to  "maybe your house has been ransacked- how would you know?" which could be concieved as an insult- except her house is the only one i know which might be  concieved as worse than mine.
now i am telling tales... but ann has a lovely kitchen / sitting room  and a advertising scout wanted to use it for a dunkin donuts calendar...  in the good old days, teh crew moved in a d took polaroids  (remember polaroids? )   of every inch before they moved anything.. te n rearainged whatever they wanted - took th e shot and moved everything back exacty as it was per the polaroid...  it was an exacting science-- and for that dunkin shot they even replaced the "used" coffee mugs in the sink...

it was an exact science requiring a really skilled crew...  the most critical one i rememeber was  the part of the movie where jack nicholson went thru a door  at cranes castle here in ipswich--- into a room with swimming pool-- and the pool was in LA.. his makeup, his clothing  everything had to be perfect... the game with movie going  is to find places where it does not match...  and people who are good at this, are really good.  they seem to have ?photographic memory?-----  i, on the otherhand , just don't.

specialized skills--  i have a game- which i will do some day on nutty.. where you take a yardstick , hold it up between 2 pieces of furnature and let someone position their  2 fingers to grab it when i drop it... then by the inches  you can tell who has what kind of relflexes ..i tried this with some of the bruins hockey players( lynne cashman was a  quarter horse owner and  friend of mine) her husband .. wayne was quick.. for sure, but the  big winner was xxxxxx ( i forget his name)  he was the goalie- thaat yardstick never dropped at all but he grabbed it. rumor was that he could be sleeping on the couch, and if a fly buzzed around  him, he coudl just grab it... according to his wife.. 
if i was putting together a hockey teaam, i would screen the applicants that way...the  difference between those 2 guys and the rest of the world was astounding. my only other word of wisdom is do not get in a car on the highway with any of those professionals-- their reactions are so quick you will be in tears in  ½ a mile.
advertising... i get many emails like this one
Hello, I am enquiring about your website and was wondering if you were interested in guest post placements on your site? 
Let me know your thoughts.
we have a lovely community and by the numbers it is very atractive to people want ing to adverize something..  i have always said no. that involves people looking to use our converastion  groups to  ask for money- however worthwhile, i just  think it better to stay away  from that.
i really resent how inventive the advertising world is-- this AOL is the worst-- i amn waiting for someone to figure out how to amke an ad appear in a newly squeezed tube of tooth paste... i think that is th e only place left unused...
roof needs a ridge- and is done... couple doors and a window or two and the building will be ready for heat !!  jack has done an amazing  job...

laine is practicing digging--not due til ?sat-sunday for the first???


  1. The people who ensure continuity go around now with digital cameras to make certain every magazine is in it's place and the clothes and hair of the actors are the same. My stepbrother works on a large budget sitcom and they can't move a thing without continuity approving. They and the set directors keep things rolling.

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