Wednesday, January 18, 2017

jan 18 2017
where to begin...i think i would rather not--
the whole day smacks of paperwork-- and with a comprimised memory  department it will be a challange...
how do i forget thee?
let me count the ways...

logically..... there is alot of forgetting that i honestly don't rememeber... but i can tell you when i really noticed and didn't fforget..
you know how you count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  and say  ten--- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  twenty---
well i noticed i could not remember if i was on the sixites or eighties  or thirtys... and began to have to write down which group of 10-- i was on...  i was busy and didn't really think about it. ....i do  now....  that was the start.

 the ultimate result  is sitting at a computer doing the same thing over and over not remembering you already did that..
people have phrased it as  some kind of insanity when you do the same task over and over and expect different results... maybe that is insanity.. but it is also  memory- not remembering you just did that- several times over... 

i wear out alot of postit notes trying to keep track of what i was doing...  add a phone call-- or a dog with diarrhea- or any o f the other joys of my office  life and going back to the beginning happens more than i like to think...
(but fortunately i can't remember????)

alll  that may be age related memory problem-- since the accident it is more a concentration problem-- staying focused on a bunch of numbers is not  the  fascination  it once can be sooooo bad that  i can decide a dog with diarrhea 
is a welcome diversion  from what i don't seeem  to be able to pull together....
now that IS  bad.-
i just got my 2015 income tax report from the accountant ( i had extensions and  am over paid - so it it not a problem)  problem is .. there are some glaring errors.

last time i had a big mess with the irs, i went directly to their office in andover-- and they were very nice... no one beat me over the head-- they were polite and helpful...  contrary to what  the advertisements would have you believe.
just another place where advertisements ( h& R block types) "you wouldn't   want the irs to place a lein on    your home would you? "..  in my case maybe  if enough dogs come down with whatever sizzle  and bentley have, i woul dlike someone from the irs to   deal with my mess y home.

i did have one accountant type say  "i hope the irs audits you... they would not believe it"  
it has been a long time since we had daily poo reports-- ther are so many new people who may not understand the relationship between  flat, pancakes, soft mound... soft mound with cylindars,  nice cylindars and bricks.

poor sizzle... she is osoooo embarassed-- she  runs for the door--  and if we don't run fast  enough and she explodes, 
we are incined to scream out of pure amazement, not at her, but about her... which causes her to  move away... and that is not the correct solution either.

we not only hoave poo pickers - which work beautifully, but we have a collection of towels with holes and strings  not suitable for  use wiht puppies. they are essential  for the "blot and toss" of the current situation.

well actually-- bothsizzle and bentley got banished to the  back dorm room so they couold get out on the deck -where i am told it is raining this morning...  hopefully it is raining hard...  add a couple buckets of pinesol and  with enough rain...even the underdeck would be sweet smelling.

hey  you guys want details... you get details... 
if they are still at it this morning we may have to use some of that ringers solution we have stashed away... so you may see "the drip" being administered by grace....
just  to complete this companion to your breakfast  coffee, ----george did email me and asked me to put a couple drops of  teh goop  from  teh puppiy's nose on a slide and he wold look at it this mroning.  i think we are pleased , it does not seem to be milk or food... which might indicate a cleff pallete or megasophagas0- he is very happy/ helathy pup.. but he does have a malfuncioning  right side of his face.  there is extra skin there.. and his right eye  does not open corectly.. so my diagnosis is  a sinus draining deal... which sounds better to me than all the other things.  his head runs... he sneezes..  he will probably be a perfect pet for someone with stock in the kleenex company.
maybe if i am lucky someone will come in and scramble  one of grace's fresh eggs with the  diced ham steve brings for the dogs  leftover from his school...

 i wondeer how they dice that ham -- it is so perfectly done.. hmmmm.