Thursday, January 26, 2017

jan 26 2017
no real email today-- i am due at the hospital for a stress test...without coffee  which is stressfull enough

so here is amy;s latest

I mentioned this to Meg, in brief, during Trainer Talk. Here is the complete version, so you know how good Seagram is, plus if you would like to cut & paste for the DD. 

Today as Seagram & I returned from a quick morning walk, she saved me from an awful fall. My sneakers were thoroughly wet after the recent nor'easter left the yard with puddles, but I thought nothing of it. As we stepped up on the metal threshold that is part of the step at the front door, my foot quickly slipped out from underneath me. My other foot had been almost ready to step up, so all of the sudden, neither foot was on the ground -- and holding onto Seagram was all that I had. She performed perfectly, without me asking her for help -- because it all happened so fast, there was no time, and she simply reacted in a way that kept me safe. 

When we came inside, and I realized how close I had been to a serious fall, I gave her a huge hug. I also said "thank you," and "good girl" several times. She looked at me as though I was silly, and as if she wanted to tell me, "It's just part of my job."

Thank you so much!!