Friday, January 27, 2017

jan 27 2017
this morning i go back for another part of whatever--  that was an easy stress test-- it came "needle form" no joggin on a i just sat while they poured and atificial stressing goop into me-- unfortunately it did not burn any callories... i asked... apparejtly i am now sporting dye whihc they will look at this morning.
pups are going thru the baby food really well-- we have several cases of chicken and sweet potatoe- and it is perfect fo rteaching them to sit in fromt of me while i shovel it in ... hanging onto the spoon for dear life-- you have to hold the spoon slightly sideways beacuse as they sometimes jump , i woul dhate to have to try and get an ice tea spoon back out of the hole that is their gaping mouths.  they are going thru cases  12 pups even one jar a day each   --means maybe put that on the list...

i will do the gifts when i get back... and try for on camera--
re :the hum in the sound line...----chris is determined to solve the hum in the  explore line and has sent me another cable.
unfortunately that cable is very attached to the bag it is in  and just loves sitting on the shelf not causing any commotion like finding a ladder and things.  i think joyce comes n tomorrow-- she is a cable type...
i am very pleased with the job megan and steve are doing-- they are turning out some really impressive dogs... there still is alot of golden and labrodor retrievers typ trainers out in the world sof the  ASSISTANCE DOG INTERNATIONAL.ORG

sheila obrien--- ADI accreditation person.---.asked me for an opinion about adi-- so of course she got it..
there is such a need for well trained dogs to do all sorts of stuff but so many adi members do only  the "usual".. one of the biggest complaints about adi...----( other than they told me dane people are nuts....i keep having to mention that) .. the complaint is  -- and i quote 
  The program should have a minimum of a 6 month period working with the owner and their dog. ..
they put a time on everything instead of an accomplishment... i can not imagine working with a "team" for 6 months to figure out if they would be a good pair.. our timing is more like 7 seconds.  
i understand they are trying toi deal with quality... and  thy use time to eliminate the people who put up a shingle that says dog trainer and tehn charge $10,000  to use the reputation of a well trained seeing eye dog  - to take advantage of someone who has heard a dog can be trained to anticipate a seizure.
let me..... some of you have heard this befre... 
some dogs.. maybe all dogs ..can anticipate a seizure- but it is a natural ability.. what you can do is to teach a dog to do something  after  a seizure occurs-- ring a bell   bite a button..  but think... how do you practice "anticipating" a seizure.. even teaching "AFTER"  has it's complications.  where do you get the seizure patients on which to practice..???? it is more teaching a parent to recognize what the dog did before the seizure and  noticing that agiain... i bet a surveilance camera would help that ...

the big part of all that is to get the dog bonded to the patient-- which means the patient has to take 100% care of the dog themselves..... in a case where the parents are too helpful-- the dog does not have that special touch of partnership..
i can certainly understand a parent wanting to help pick poo ,fill a water dish, or hold teh dog while the child goes inot a store- or whatever...  but every time you separate the dog from the partner is a negative  in the success of the pair.  as bella's mom has written it is a whole adjustment in lifestyle- much like having another child..  "did you give him his breakfast  did you pack his coat.... is there a water dishin the car... have you taken him outsidee for his morning run...did he "go'  where's teh bag?""
having  even a perfect service dog  does take quite a bit of planning..   that is more work than lugging around a wheelchair - the wheelchair does not have to eat.

back to ADI telling me i had to have one year's worth of training  in a dog before it can be certified... and then there is george.. who went home with bella for overnights at 9 months 
and could do the public access test by 12 months..

most these other programs use "puppy raisers" for the first 18 months.. then they bring them back to start "training"- and i don't think that is right.. too much bonding to their puppy raisers for openers..

thank heavens the AKC picked george as #1so no one can argue with our technique..
 i wonder if they knew that if they would have chosen him.

max nix
Pixie is just always right by my side she is truly the most amazing precious most loving pup🐶🐾 I had some trouble the other day and she comes running w no command or collar/ vest on. Ready to help. As I always say my sweet girl always has an eye on me no matter what I do or what she is doing. 

Pixie has it all down pat to our routines and I love how she knows when the boys are getting home. She alerts me when my youngest is getting off the bus if I'm resting. She knows that we watch him get off the bus. She also gets excited to see the little ham. 
Pixie is so amazing in so many ways and I'm just truly blessed to have such an amazing love bug.  i say to this day and tomorrow will be 2 months that my life has changed all cause of you and the kind heart that you have Carlene you are my hero. Pixie and I are so grateful to have each other. She saved me in so many ways.
Thank you, 

Stacy & Pixie