Thursday, February 16, 2017

feb 16 2017
i think i have some massive revision of a training definition around here..   how much is training and how much is proving to them if you do what i say you won't have  any reason to be afraid of stuff... all danes being timid in the first place...-----
yesterday i took sizzle out with me to go to staples- around the farm she has been known to be a little independent..i.e. not coming immediately when i call her ( which is one of the most critical tasks.)   i had her alone.. without bentley.. and as i got her out of the car,( with her harness  and collar on of course) a car went by and splashed a puddle-- she didn't "bolt"  but she did a quick   HS "holy sh1t"  fortunately my hand was right on her harness and i very quickly  said "stay" and we just stood there while cars splashed that puddle- after which we walked past it and into the store. i think the way she saw it was..." if i just do what she says, i won't get hurt." -once in the store i asked her to   "down"   and she dropped-- flattened her head even.. and never moved--- until i asked her to get up .
we left she stayed exactly by my leg as we passed teh cars and  i led her around thaat  "dangerous"  puddle. i was very careful to say "stay " while i took off her vest. and told her to jump in-- she did exactly what i said  and i was careful to tell her exactly what to do " wait-"  - before  she jumpeed--- then "ok"  to run off which she did...

we can see how today goes, but i think she has had a mental "bolt of lightening..." like that  "water moment"  in the hellen keller story  where helen finally realizes that her teacher ann is trying communicate with her...
watching the movie  "miricle worker"  should be a requirement for all dog trainers... the entirre movie is of the out of control animal that helen was is worth watching--  but if you are short on time.... that one section 
can be googled  "helen keller water moment.

i am not sure it wil have anything to do withsizzle  holding a basket in her mouth.... but at least she was thinking yesterday and not just reacting  
teh reason i was at staples was  to get  the new  SDP tree of bloodlines printed  ( soon for sale in the doggie bag) -  we will  be selling  the laminated  colored version for  $25 + $5 for mailing tube and postage.  and the black/white also laminated for $10 + $5----   pam will be putting them on the web/daily doggie .. soon.. 
there are sooooo  many advertisements that annoy me-- mostly teh  lightbulbs that last up to 20 years... right  !!    one  week is certainly "up to 20 years"  but there is another  "this medication must not be given to a child under 6, blah  blah  blah  and should not be taken by someone under 16"  the givens and takens probably have some significance  but i find it offensive.

teh geico ads aren't bad... but nothing compares to 

-------BURMA SHAVE...
Dear Carlene,
Zeke is amazing at many things: helping me up and down the stairs, walking down the streets of Disney World during April vacation, getting me to all my physical therapy appointments, helping me walk around the house during the day, helping me off the floor during a 2nd grade math game...
The training at the SDP is amazing, and last night Zeke showed off his amazing training like he does many Wednesday nights. Wednesday nights are dance night for my youngest daughter who is 7 years old. When we arrive, there are toddler boys and girls driving there little trucks all around. Zeke lays down and the toddlers continue to drive and crawl right by him. Then at 5:45 the magic happens. Fifty 7 and 8-year olds with their parents walk right by Zeke, within inches of him, leaving and coming in, putting on boots, putting on tap shoes. He just quietly watches until the dust clears.

Sometimes I feel like a broken record. Zeke is an amazing dog. The training at the SDP is magnificent. Everyone would have been proud of the job Zeke did last night and everyday, for that matter. Thank you to everyone who supports the SDP!
Hi Carlene!
 Time for the Wrinkle update. What a wonderful gift you've given me. Our little girl has settled in to her new home wonderfully. Axel and Otto (dachshunds) sleep right next to her and all three are getting along great! We go out for walks, go to the grocery store, Walmart, the bank, and everywhere we go she gets compliments. Compliments not only on how beautiful she is, but more importantly on how well trained she is. Steve, Megan and EVERYONE at SDP have done a great job on her training and temperament. Every time time we go outside we practice, practice, practice! She's so sharp on all her commands and does so well at recall, she constantly amazes me. We're becoming this great team and because of your generosity I'm able to get back parts of my life I'd thought I had to give up on. Her empathy is boundless and her sweet personality melts everyone who meets her! I'm working hard to be worthy of your gift, please share this with everyone at SDP so they can know that your tireless efforts are all paying off. I told you before, but it bears repeating, "thank you" doesn't come close to how much you've all changed my life! I'll keep you posted on her adventures, if anyone is interested they can follow her on Facebook @ Wrinkle & Me, our story. I usually post stuff every day so you can all see her whenever you want. =0) Thanks to ALL at SDP, you're LIFE CHANGERS! All my best, -Steve & Wrinkle  
It's our 2nd Anniversary today 😍😍it's is the year 2015 & the month is February & the day is Friday the13th😜😜(oh my) the time is a little after 7 pm. The place is Service Dog Project guest house. My life is changed forever for the better when Grace brings to me my partner, Princess Ruckus!! I reflect on an emotional week of new friendships both human & Canine, training with lots of snow & cold & fear in my abilities. First time out training Ruckus puts her head on my hand & looks at me with those soulful eyes and says " hey lady, we got this." Two years latter, the rest is History. 
 Carlene and all involved with SDP I THANK YOU & support you mission to help others. Please all, follow me in buying a brick to support this great non profit & selfless organization