Friday, February 17, 2017

feb 17 2017
it never occured to me in yessterdays  dd  that when i said sizzle decided she should stay by me so she did n't get hurt or scared--- that any one would assume i was doing the hurting or scaring....good heavens no... it was the world in general.. like the dangerously noisy puddle we faced together..."and people in costco driving metal objects full of treats and grabbing at me... then finally we all stand in a group and they squeeze us thru a narrow passage which makes wierd noises and we get a ticket to go back out the door."  she is definitely in the "look i don't understand any of this stuff, but since you seem ok with it, i will go along just incase any food drops on the floor," 
personally i was totally unprepared for the number of people who stopped me to say what a beautiful dog she was..--- much more than bentley with his harlequin color..  i mean people comment on him.. but this was words like regal- striking.... clean...perfect.. -- so i should stop looking at her like the 
pain-in-the-ass that i can not get to even pick up a basket !! 
i did get her to walk with the wooden dumbell in her mouth.. i did not start the treat business.. because with her and most any dog-- if they pick up the proper thing and you say good dog, they drop it and you treat them, they think they got treated for dropping it.. and that is hard to overcome !!  that is where i have been with her
so now she is eating  that nice hardwood dumbell..  ?this is progress? 
now i am back to  wondering ---- can somebody research this????out of our 45 presidents  how many have been shot at-- last i knew it was about 12-- with 4 killed????  hands up for how many of you would break your neck to apply for a job where about 25% would get shot at  and 10% killed???  this points out a basic question  of our system..
i don't think anyone had shot at the queen of england.. at least that i know of...
now marketing .. as is related to beef stew...  every time i go to costco i pass that meat counter and think of some of the lovely beef stews i have had in my many years-- tho none lately...
so yesterday i bought a packet of  beef in 2" x 6" hunks... to once again i know that to cut it up across the grain makes this cheaper cut of stewing beef so much more chewable... problem now is i can not stand up for the legnth of time to cut the beef-- and then the carrots legnthwise so they get cooked
donna is a very good cook-- so i am hoping-- i have additional feelings about  the pursuit of the perfect stew...  you doin't cut the mushrooms so anyone who does not like mushrooms can find them and not inadvertantly put one in their mouth...heaven forbid...-- then there is the fluid part of the stew.. which generally has all the seasonings in it-- if you don't thicken it with flour or corn starch, it does not stick to the meat so that you have some lovely soup and cardboard tasting lumps of things...  like meat and carrots..
now carrots-- you would think --- well never mind..  at costco carrots come in huge bags of Ppealed--- they are pealed to the point of being small carrots - should be  perfect for stewing .
i buy these carrots- and i did again yesterday-  but i know full well there are at least 2 other partially used bags of carrots in the fridge-- that can only be described as  "tired" - which is  exactly what donkeys love... tired carrots...  so why are they in my fridge??  i had to threaten people with their removal.
but it is the part of "pealed" that  fascinates me..once upon a time .. you threw pealings away-- that is before a more creative bunch got involved.. i just read where i should not put butter in my mashed  potatoes,  but take the pealings and fry them in butter, bake til crisp and  ten chop them up in my mashed.. that is all i need ---labor intensive potatoes.
pealed--what about those skinless boneless chicken parts i will bet more than one cookie.. that dog food companies have that perfectly good source of  protien  in the dog food we feed... we got trained to fear the fat that was contained in the skin... so they take it off and sell it back to us as dog food.
that is why the dog food labels contain  ingredients like carrots, peas, potatoes, and teh deboned chicken (  technically, skin is deboned). ...lots of types of dog food have  "egg product"  makes me wonder what  the world does with all thos e egg shells-- i bet the are ground up into something...probbly chicken food.... "layer pellets" 
so we have chickens who are beginning to lay eggs-- lotsa eggs... so maybe this 19th of the month we should give the fire dept a dozen "farm fresh eggs"  instead of-- or in place of teh cake bit??
lord know there would be none fresher !!
I just looked at my tv schedule for tomorrow night and saw that The Miracle Worker is on tv this Friday night!

MovieThe Miracle Worker (original with Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke) 
Channel: TCM (Turner Classic Movies) 
Date: Friday, February 17 
Time: 8 pm (EST)

It is a great movie and movies on TCM have NO commercials.  
worms    ---good morning new dog owner....
they all have worms-- we worm every 3 months with "all wormer"-- which is a wonderful generic wormer from austrlia that is not sold in the usa in one pill--
however   sounds like your vet did a fecal  so  you know what kind of worms- and he/she can sell you med for that specific type.. but in the next 3 months i  would suggest you look at the all wormer.
i think it is  where we get it.   heartwormer is the only thing thing you need beside that-- and your vet will sell you that .. the vet brand has a flea killer in it so with one dog that is probably what you should use..  
the ivermectin we use ... 1/3 of 1 cc per month is onlavailable tht i know of in 50 cc cattle size..  so you wouold be better of wih the normal.
worms are a fact of life--
( i used to worm my kids when they were  younger too.. animals are animals)
not only was it Eve's Bday but she had a field trip at school too. Her class dropped off some food at a local food pantry. It is was sort of a kick off for a class project where they will continue to collect food and help out at the food pantry. They also got a tour of the entire church that the pantry was located in. It was WAY more walking than I anticipated so Eve went in w/ Finn and without her wheelchair. It was pretty cool though because she really pushed past her limits she even went down (slowly) an entire flight of stairs with Finn!!!! She chose the elevator to go back up - I don't blame her. She wasn't willing to push herself before like that but with Finn she goes for it! Not only in walking but I'm seeing it in other areas of her life as well!
After that the kids got to go to McDonalds for lunch and play in the playland. Finn was a super star ⭐️ and so was Eve⭐️
Things are quiet here, finally. Fiona and I had four Birthdays over the past two weeks. She is always up and ready to go.She is also plowing through the snow and just loves it. If you and Megan and everyone at SDP had not hand fed her and taught her all the steps in her training, we would not have been able to do this. I love your training sections of the DD. It makes me appreciate, all the more, the love and training that went in to make Fiona the wonderful partner that she is. I love her dearly and all of you at SDP. There is a place in heaven for you.

Love Fiona and Mary Lou


  1. Actually, There were a couple attempts at killing Queen Victoria.

    As for assassinated presidents, "Four sitting presidents have been killed, all of them by gunshot: Abraham Lincoln (the 16th President), James A. Garfield (the 20th President), William McKinley (the 25th President) and John F. Kennedy (the 35th President)."

    There have been attempts on several.

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