Tuesday, February 21, 2017

feb 21 2017i am not sure why this would be inbteresting... but maybe "instructional"
you have to know the facts..
#1 one of the things that gives  crazy acres it's unique atmosphere, is that the guy who wired the house drank.  this is why if you are entering the upstairs bathroom and you turn  on the switch by the door, the garage light goes on.... i have lived here since 1979  and i still don't know what switch does what.  when we first moved in, i wrote a nasty note to the kitchaid dishwasher company bescause the first time i tried to use it , it "blew up" with smoke..-- it was not long after that the garbage disposal self distructed in a great flurry of metal parts.. being a student of probability,  ...it was discovered he had wired 220 to both machines...  it was perhaps my first run in with the building depoartment in ipswich.....  several months later , the guy was still drinking--- and working in ipswich... and i was so mad, i never botherd to get an "occupancy" permit for this house.
this house had started out as a normal house with normal 220 service...  the barn...guest house.. and laundry bldg.. are separate services/bills  .. the fact that the house  had morphed to a small motel with kennel privlidges meant that the normal "board"  had  produced a "baby board" off to one side- and the only breaker i knew for real was theh 50 amp thing that started the pump in the well which i used once a year to water the flat field... now that we have the luxury of town water..(and believe me town water is a luxury probably unknown to 94% of the people reading this...)
#2. as you all know-- my hearing  is way less than perfect..
#3. yesterday was a holiday--- a fact totally over my head-- all the dogs needed the same care - holiday or not.
#4. i always knew that cooking was something to be avoided--  pam put a pan of water on to boil... 
and the  fun began.
my computer rebooteed itself-- not totally unusual--it did wierd things--i put another $4 in the swear bear and  adjusted my thinking.. moving on...  grace tod me we needed an new tv fot the sundroom.. it ws doing strange things.. the darn heater  next to the pups was blinking "off" again-- david 1 came along and said i was going to have to "call cranney"  the company who had put in out instant on generator and dealt with  the electrical board in our cellar. david told me  we had " lost a leg in the main board, -- and if i told cranney tht, they would understand.
so i called "cranney" - the comapny which has done a huge amount of work here--2 instant generators - barn and house--rewired teh entire laundry buildnig to be rat proof..  furnace in the barn  etc...

 it was before 5pm and since i did not know it was a holiday, i assumed the person answering the phone was the normal secretary/receptionist......eleven puppies got very happy nd started barking at each other just as  she started in..'how do you spell carlene?" followed by  "is that b-o-x-f-o-r-d- road?"  and tehn it blew my mind "and the zip?" ---- i said  "just let me talk to the electrical dept" -- she said  " i can't until i get the information i need. now what is the zip"  i  was still thinking she is at some computer in their office...and i asked   "i brian there?"-- when she said "who's brian?" i knew i was in trouble... brian is brian cranney.-- i think  she said someone would call-- i coldn't hear....45 min... no one called... so i called another of cranney's numbers  and the guy started in with  "how do you spell carlene" all the way to  "and the zip code?"--we figured out he wa an answering service--  but i had the wrong number for a commercial service which- he determined i was if they billed me... --someone would call-- and 1 hour later they didn't..  we built a bigggggg fire iin the fireplae...
i hated to bother sheila-- who is sheila cranney-- because she had deserted our sinking ship in Massachusetts  and moved to florida- and i am sure she was no longer even aware of things like februrary with no heat and 60 dogs( plus me) not suited for no heat.....  but i emaled her- which she must not have read for another hour.. because all of a sudden i got 2 calls from their emergency depts. 7  minutes apart - really promptly teh guy from nh started in right away to get here... because when the second one called-- from  "right down the street"  i could not turn off the first.
in the meantime we had determined that shutting off as much electricity was was convenient, the kerescene furnace would work-- and that strange flickering of the lights.... which i attributed to my old age... stopped.

we had  alot of the things that were 110  but had lost the leg that made us 220 so they patched us for the night so the 110 didn't flicker and quit- which meant the keresene heater by the kitchen would work --  they also removed one dead/fried mouse which may have precipitated the entire thing.

it also meant that my bedroom got colder than some cold part of a witch...-so i was  glad to get up at 4am... and am readuy tp welcom an entire cranney crew to replace that entire board with something that would not make   bud cry every time he looks at that  wall of spagetti..
 rumor has it we need "another  leg"--  but i will let cranney company decide that one.  the 2 guys who came here-- on the holiday were very nice and very knowledgable  and i wss exgremely happy to see them-- and i must go write a yelp thing about  terriffic service

i expect us to have electricity sht off and on for most of the day-- so please pass that around so no one bothers explore.. and--- it iwll maybe give me the opportunity to label teh breakers as they install  a new board.
  i will try abnd keep the cameras going-- but heaven knows-- or maybe goldie does..