Sunday, February 5, 2017

feb 5 2017

wow   did we make it thru saturday??? It was wierd having no people to talk to in th emiddle of the night,  but it had to be  --- thanks to courtney...--- i did spend the 95 cents and found that  the 2 phone calls here were from  the same household-- she was incensed that i had not seen the video- but i had seen the actual person..melissa at 2am    drank one cuppa and went back she made a second one for me  and again at 4am  when the 911 call was made-- my assessment ... one tired big deal.. any other complications were similar to my arrest for a leash law violation...
----later she came back to get her car and hung around with her boyfriend ( who got the initial stamp of approval from me)

i have -- for years  run the crazy acres BOYFRIEND TESTING GROUND where my children and various relatives and friends have  come here with  " the latest" to see  what their staying power is like...the fact that we can go around teh pond is due to th e testing of becky and greg putting in the culvert..  gwen's kenyon friend amy( and?  brad??) shingled the roof of the origional deagle house
( and they were not roof shinglers by trade--- i wish i knew the name of the bar they now own together  in manhattan.. at least together last i knew)...son in law ron did many things.. most noteabley chain sawed a window in the upstairs of the guest house because i had said no one could live there without a fire escape..
the closest we have come to it lately was teh testing of the mettle of ward and willie ( the twins) who moved the tipi and i can still see them running  around the house with 2 arms and one leg of th mannequin they were trying to assemble in the living room.

got to accept these challanges-- those people who even utter the words "why" or "no" get a circle of doom on their records... 
well that is another interesting story...i volunteered for a vet's office once in my life-- and there was the system of... if a person was an absolute jerk, on the back of his chart-- top left was a small circle  with a dot in the middle-- signifying he was....  welllll.... a  male donkey?
moving on... i think we forgot to tell jasper he has a date today.... hopefully -- i told meg last night and she can pull that together...
mischa and jasper had wonderful litter-- the airline bunch   wilbur and zepplin etc  
how bad is it???? we are short of males?????
walter is mischa's uncle
tony is a brother-.. bentley x scarlett
grommet  is a cousin  merlow x walter 
wilbur is mischa's  son   with jasper 
bumpy her grandfather-- lindsay x thumper   olive x bumpy.

in a pinch... and i hope it does not come to that,  i begin to line up how many different "lines" would be crossed  beforre we get to colors...
deagle - belgian a harl
bobby  hungarian  harl
walter  danish- almost harl
thumper canadian... black good old thumper had wonderful hips and went over  
              2 six foot fences and thru the netting of the roof of his daughter lindsay's
               kennel and was found relaxing on the sofa in th laundry building 
               where he should not have been.   bumpy was the result. 
bumpy black  is our only inbred/linebred-- accidently bred dog in the line...  
 then the women - really only 2 distinct lines...
 teh BMW  "TIFFANY" was the origional litter--really famous great dane line-- when i wanted to actually buy a dane, all the breeders bragged about how much bmw blood was in their line... so i decided to find the  BMW  kennel- long island no problem-
the other line was  moose's line   
moose's mother was a stray-- we called her "second hand  rose"   and  moose was to belong to suzanna ( who donated the  walk in freezer)  - her husband "moose" was to get teh dog but for various reasons.. didn't so moose became moose's dawg and she produced lindsay

  i don't like  the "any port in a storm breeding"  but  the bump is really a great dog  who is also 8 years old and mischas grandad--   and the mom danish... 

... hillary has  bumpy and apparently bumpy is still hale and hardy  in newbury port.. 10 miles up the road....
 so back to trying to get jasper here today
meeeeeegggggghhhhhhhaaaaannnnnn   we need    jaaassssppppeeeerrrrrrrr
on to shatting sunday...

Hi Carlene,

I just realized when I told you a few days ago, how much Ava has brought life back to me, I didn’t mention the most basic way that she, like so many SDP dogs, has helped me. She has taken away the fear of going places alone, and brings security every time I go out with her. Each time I lose my balance, she is there to hold onto, and when I do fall, she is right beside me. I know you have heard this many times, but together, we are a team. Thank you again for my wonderful, loving Thinking Walker.

Right now she is taking full advantage of the love seat, but a few weeks ago, she got me out in the snow.

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