Thursday, February 9, 2017

feb 9 2017
i am ready--- with boots on-- no sketchers today...  got out the fuzzy boots  -- they are very comfortable... especially after you get the acorns out of them..  ah the perils of country th e boots isn't bad... i once found a supply of nuts  in the guest house bed... so along with frozen rodents in the freezer,... if you come here... be prepared !!
--- i must clarify   the" nuts in the guest house" .. i meant acorn type nuts... i decline to comment on any other kind...

so every town within 200 miles  has already called school off.  and i guess rightly so since bella's mom repported 
 4 school buses for her school alone  were in accidents     woburn  is right off the highway that boasted a 55 car sliding group  on 128..

it was a very slow slide-- which bumper to bumper would probably have been inconsequential   except the sideways slide  coupled with a  mass in motion study of  loaded tractor trailers  added a mush factor.  apparently no one was hurt.. i wonder who was the last car in the pile up....  isn't that the one they blame it on? 
i  have some thought on drivers ed-- i think kids should be taken to a large parking lot and taught how to behave in a slide-- ( i should not tempt fate like this  both my children and i  could get taught  that fate is the hunter... today).. then there is the concept of not plowing the back roads to allow idiots to practice the  slide around at slower speeds and have more respect for the  piling up of snow flakes.  just a mere coating can rival WD40 for slidability.
now..... it is about chain link fence and snow storms--shoveling kennels is a tough chore.. solving problems while all nice and warm in front ofo the fireplace is one of my specialities--   i wonder if it would make sense to  undo 2 bolts and swing the whole 6' pannel  out of the way and get in there with a snow blower or even  just push out to where thetractor  can move the stuff. away.....  i remember the yeart of teh 4 foot storm when there was no more "away "to push it  until mother nature saw fit to take it away.
in yesterday's  study of weather, maybe this  "there is  a cloud in omaha" ---
( ?   or was that a balm in gilead ?  from my high school choral group) at any rate - everyone is taking this storm seriously... so aside from having tthe tractor fueled and parked six feet from the front door..  i am ready. ... with my boots on... i wish they had been more defiinite about calling school yesterday so we could have gotten our group of teenagers here for an overnight..
nothing like young limbs-- no metal knees or hips there...

some people are amazed at me driving the tractor at my tender age... how easily people's minds can be shaped --- the cab is heated-- often meaning i have to take off my coat...-- it is easier to drive than my car-- push with my toe and it moves forward.. push with my heel and it goes backward..and it will move at 1/4 an inch at a time.......  so to add one lever to make the bucket go up and down does not stretch my mental  whatevers...  stepping  into the cab is only 8 inches higher than the suv..  the part that can get tricky is the backhoe part-- with it's 2 levers... problam being the levers are so close to the seat  that i have to  take a deep breath to manipulate  them... i will hopefully not need them today..  the time in a snowstorm you need th e back hoe would be to lift the tractor up and out of a ditch...
it is kind of interesting if you need to change a tire  to just have the tractor lift itself all 4 wheels off the ground..  it always looks silly perched that way.-- we should not need to do that again..we sent those tires away to be filled with goop si they don't flatten...
i don't know why they don't do that to cars.... ?speed?

 so that's the lesson for the day.

brilliant idea of the day....
CARLENE give your excess eggs to the Fire Dept. on the 19th instead of a cake (unless the workers and volunteers  take them).

They can be used in many ways - use leftover veggies to make veggie frittatas, egg salad sandwiches, boiled/deviled eggs, pickled eggs, etc.

Be safe.-- brenda
and an alteernate  weather report...
 This is SDPs weather as per the NOAA peeps .. they are the ones that all news agencies get there info from ..... to view yourself the web site is ... when the screen/map pops up in the
 top-ish left corner you can enter any city or zip code .. or click an area on the map itself ... ps sorry do not know how to enlage the font of the below ........ Look at the temps ..with the snow ...

Very Dangerous