Thursday, March 16, 2017

march 16 2-17
fencing...for the new building... and maybe the perimeter fence which is 30 years old...?a new ge project? .
i went to nefencing- which has done alot of our chain link... they put it together right there and coould do all the odd shapes and sizes we needed for teh nutt and deagle house... this is more regular shape size..-- so the outdoor runs will be 6'wide  10 ' long
the interesting part.....they now do very little on the premissis--because the amish, plus trucking (of $150), is cheaper-- the guy who owns the company said " they get those 14year old kids out working.. and then they eat"  
not much wrong with that--in my onion.. consequently  if you need some fancy hand work carpentry/ welding   done...  the amish know ... 
so do the chinese  
so i am back to mike row and his lectures on working and schooling... and somehow we instill in the kids, that to learn , you sit.-- in school, in college,,,  certainly reading is a jump start to using someone else's experience- we can not all start designing the wheel.... but there is a concept..

when i was a kid i had to walk to school --5 miles -- uphill both ways!  but we did have some hands on-- sewing cooking--later on  women did have to build a birdhouse... and guys had to cook... - now.. it seems to is all sit down  ----unless you go to some of the tech schools.. which used to be looked down upon-  that ken robertson  goes on about  trying to get into college begins in kindergarden..  and applying  to the right kindegrden ..... interviewing 3 year olds "what is this, you are 36 months old and you have not published anything yet?"-- i think i have heard that concept said many times...

somewhere along the line.... i was hired to  "teach" a class of autistic kids- 5 of them- the director of teh "school"  was in it  for teh money...and said he hired me because i was good with animals-- and if i could l even get them to sit in a chair he would be pleased..
it wasn't easy...i had one head banger in a dented helmet--- and i had one nice little guy-- who chewed paper--i did find out he chewed paper because that was the only thing he had with which he could build things-- and he did build... once an airplane with a prop that went around... thi kid was a genuis--  with paper and spit--- he had a pretty good airplane...i can remember telling the mother with hopes she would find somwhere else for him to  excell.. 

ted also... temple grandin-- autistic--talks about her way of seeing things is not anything like anyone else..-i wonder how many  parents of autistic kids have seen it... or have they read too much 
boiling down--- i have had   emails lately-- wanting to write the daily doggie for me...-- or articles about dogs and loatch on to our"mailing list"    the last one-- wanted  me to publish her article abotu  "which dog breed is best for  you"    i asked her how many dogs she had... none...  but she reads alot about them..
good bad or indifferent,  the dd is first hand.

my son in law-- "a piece of paper will hold still and you can write anything on it."
now... with the internet... it is worse.. now you can make up the letter heads etc.... like that woman who stiffed the boston bombing  funds did...
she had letters from lotsa boston doctors--and we believed it-- for about a week... i think she is in jail now..

this isn't going anywhere... i give up...
here watch an educated dog work.....


he is not affected by the other person getting ahead,
,and at the last half he is movoing  inch by inch to omatch her...
bella and george.

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