Thursday, March 2, 2017

march 2 2017
nothing like waking up to the sound of a dog tossing their cookies down behind the couch..... well actually... there is.. way down at the end of the progression of rocks, hard cyclindars,soft cylindars, mound ,flat,and watery, there is ... noisy...
noisy is bad.. and we have one or two noisy's....

i remember......deagle--- that lovely male from belgium that is a foundation to all we have now...--was standing in front of the fireplace and  i did not get to him to let him out fast enough..  and poor dog... the noise of the explosion made him curious so he turned circles trying to figure out what wass making the noise..  he was a lovely big dog-- and the power of the compressed gasses was monumental-- it was back in the  days when i was a real beginner and had a very inexpensive oriental in the  room.. thinking the oriental pattern would hide the odd spot or two-  after i rented a rug doctor  .... i rolled it and took it to the rug clearner shop... and they cleaned it.. and told me never to bring a rug to them again.
  that was when i  bit th e  bullet and put down the vinyl floor that is so wonderful- ---- to think.. in my lifetime i once had wall to wall  carpeting.  and a carpet shamopping device----- oh how we learn....

you could study the progression of service dog projet  in the floor coverings i have had..  i am now to the point of   the next house i build will be slightly tipped with a drain in one corner.  i was half there in puttin g the  metal spiral staircase  when i did that , i figured it wold keep the dgs off the rugs and beds upstairs... and it has been very successful..   only wanda.......and actully one agility trained dane. otherwise the upstairs rug is not too bad... the metal stairs knock off most of the barn debris , hay and things...
back to the vomit report...  we are having more than i am comfortable with-- as soon as grace gets here we can check temps... i hope i am not assuming generic tummy upset, and have anything else going on...  a little pepto with a small breakfast might be in order..  maybe some  rice cooked in chicken broth???
we may also have been dealing with too much food... once we changed feeders to standing at the "tablers"  the bowls are bigger and we may not be measuring as well...
we need to pay attention  before panic...
as i have often said  with horses dogs andkids-- do the normal animal husbandry  things first-- like take temps and pay attention..
i need coffffeeeeeee
Pixie and I want to start off by thanking you for her new leads. When we revived them she sniffed away, like hmm these smell like some of my old friends have been near. 

I have to say thank you again for your heart of gold again. Your devotion to help others is beyond words. I always tell everyone I meet all about how the SDP changed my life. I also want to thank all the amazing staff and volunteers that work so hard and endlessly to make such differences in people's lives like as in mine. Yesterday was 3 months when I first met my Sweet Pixie. She changed my life the day I met her. I knew we were destined to be together and we are now an inseparable pair. As I love to say I am 6 legs and 4 eyes. We are one! 
Sweet Pixie has in the 3 months helped me walk better which I never thought was possible. She has saved me from falls so no more broken bones. My feet really dislike stairs but Pixie is always on her A game. She has given strength, courage and so much confidence in myself. She is my HERO. 
Pixie has not only changed my life but she my boys lives with all that they went through with having a sick mom. She has changed my youngest son fear of leaving me cause he knows that Pixie will be home or wherever I go off to protect me. As his teacher told me he stated one day to her. " I'm good now my mom is safe she has Pixie and she always helps her I can concentrate now." My oldest son is kinda on let me keep it all in. He will always smile and say hey I lost my job of doing something that Pixie has taken over. 
She is truly loved and I'm blessed to have my sweet Pixie. 
Thank you so much for all you have done for me. 

Stacy and Pixie 
Hi Carlene & Everybody at SDP!
      Our little girl Wrinkle is all balled up next to me snoozing off a "working" walk. Mornings are falling into a routine now. Wake up, feeding the "livestock" (3 dogs and a cat), they all go outside for morning play time then Wrinkle and I go for the morning "fun" walk down on the beach. Just the lead on and practice recalling, no vest. I think it's a great place what with birds, wind, waves, dead stuff, there is plenty to distract her. She's become completely at ease with the lake and waves. Now my wife and kids don't worry because I'm not alone anymore. My teammate is always by my side! Usually then its off to run any errands, we live in a very small town and people (at the bank, restaurants, super market and when we go into  Dunkirk's Wal-mart) recognize her now. I've heard "There's Wrinkle!" more than once. Her sweet disposition and great manners earn her so many compliments! Afternoon is "working" walk time where we practice all commands and stairs before we head back home for all well deserved nap! Just a quick note to keep you informed and up to date, hope all is well with everyone of your kind volunteers and workers! All our best, Wrinkle & Me

i would bring a cake and whatever else is needed
if you want to bring something it will be greatly appreciated

thank you , once again  Carlene, trainers, volunteers,CPs and
everyone at SDP for my most wonderful gift.

Cindy and Ava

this coming sunday is shatting day... we have a ways to go--

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