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march 7 2017
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Carlene White to you + 6 moreshow details
so.....if i was president and wanted to spy on someone and not have the FBI do it for me.... i would run right to EBAY   and try and find some  wiretapping equipment..  so i did that today... and found a whole bunch of books etc on what happens to you when you do--. -  lots of "for a few dollars"  but very light on  the details. . apparently the FBI has a corner on the market and does not like competition.
the heat transfer units (mitsubisi?) were delivered yesterday..  magnificant machines which can  take outside  cold air , and heat the house...  to say i don't understand is putting it mildly..
the part that worries me is they all( we now have 3 working) are dependent on a remote to adjust them.
we have a very poor history with remotes..  you may not know, but those  inside "boards"  are made of ground up liver  so they are a very desireable treat  for the dogs.. it is so bad that last time i went to ebay for a replacement remote for teh tv, i bought a carton of 12.  currently i  'have 3.. 
i have visions of that mysterious machine rising the temp higher and higher as sizzle enjoys the crunch of the  hard plastic end.  
and i am not sure why  if i push the on off button , that teh garage door  goes up and down.

with all this electrical  "straighteneing of the pannel"   we managed to loose some of the phone jacks and the garage door...  but it looks really gooooood.
grace let the guinnea hens out yesterday- and true o form... they love shinney  car hubcaps- so now we need a sigen that says " please smear mud on your hubcaps beforee coming in the gate...
guinnea hens seem to survive-- there is a house  on teh corner of route 1 with hens that hng out  literally in the middle of the  intersectoin- - rt 1 is a  main road from maine to florida   yet they seem to survive-
 i was afraid grace would never get them back in their pen--  i should not have worried...  she buys some special kind of worms that they will follow-- just one more detail of crazy acres-   buying cans of worms and keeping dead rats in  the  freezer..
it is all in how you see things.... ( and which end of th e food chain you are on...)
i have a script to botht he nytimes and teh wall st journal  only because both of them provide me with - among other things....a 10 items per day on my computer--   that is the best i can do to stay up with news that is published  in the shadow of some editor...
there is so much news that escapes the fact checking editors... it is painful...
 did i put this in yesterday's dd?
not this charity !!!  but  this was in the papers
The Rewards of Charity-- from the wall street journal. 
Charities are becoming a lot more generous with pay at the top. The tax-exempt organizations, which include many hospitals and colleges as well as traditional charities, provided seven-figure compensation to roughly 2,700 employees in 2014, our analysis of newly available data shows. The total is higher by a third than in 2011. While many of the big earners ran large enterprises, others were leaders of small charities, such as a couple who run an online ministry.. High pay at charities has drawn scrutiny from some lawmakers because the organizations receive substantial tax breaks for committing to public service.

 i thought i sent it yesterday.. maybe i put it in the comment column..