Thursday, March 9, 2017

march 9 2017
i have had my dealings with the IRS-- and i have to report.. i have alsways found them reasonable .  i may be waving a red flag in fron t of a bull..... however......  if a canceled check to parrot equine vet service  for $289 is not proof  enough that the bill was for an equine ( donkey)  for $289.. i am prepared to go to court on that... i was counting only the things for which i had checks... there is a whale of alot more pd for by paypal and visa that i didn't  declare.. and then there is the house and farm...... $1 rent.

  i have been this road before--to be married to a doctor who owned race horses was a huge red flag... and the IRS tried to disallow my deduction of  "hay and bedding"  because it did not fit the  statistics on file... no doctors wife dealt with bedding ( manure)- and i fought it-- to the point of having a guy come out here and see i had a race horse standing in bedding that i shoveled. actually it was for an "audit"  and i was ready-- the guy spent 3 days  going thru everything-- even checking the  medical   appt book, to the medical chart to the billing to the deposit of several patients.. ( back when an office visit was $20)- and then he came out here to the house... where the back room ( now the condo) was set up to see patients- because invariably people came here---  so i had tken 1/10th of house expensees which he allowed...  but he said-- "look , i have been here 3 days, i have to find something... so we settled on ...driving house to hospital was not  "between offices"  but rather commuting which is not deductable  -- so we paid the $320 difference-with no fine or penalty...

another time i drove to andover ( th great big IRS place) and met with a guy about a typo on thier part making a $30,000 bunch of fines and penalties that were piling up for non payment...-- and he fixed it.

so now apparently i am supposed to keep not only statements but actual invooices- for  things like the $289  when i do not deduct anything for the use of the house and farm...  only because it would be messy to establish what this collection would be worth  to rent.. on the market .
well maybe time has come for me to be the little old lady with more time  on her hands  than normal people- and i will make an appt to go see a person in the IRS office...  my contention is  with 2 residences, the huge barn and arena plus all the other buildings  on 2 different lots, $3500 per lot is a conservative estimate of what you could rent this place for ( based on janine's house for $2500 per month)  so that is 12 x $7000  or $84,000  and if i deduct that , i shouldnt have to be digging in the file cabinet for the invoice for $289.
and i wil not put up with any bully technique from anyone.  IRS here i come....

it is kind of like the day they tried to kick me out of the mall with my service dog.  i sat down and said  " go the police"-- and had great fun for 2 hours  with security,  and managers.
ocassionally  age has it's advantages....
actually... the rest of that story is..... pretty funny...
the manager and i sat for quite a while talking about  service dogs and public access-- i wasn't moving... he finally said "  i have seen dogs this big only once before-- when i was a manager in malden and they did a commercial"i said "stop there-- it was 2 spotted dogs with a schoolteacher looking woman  with bagging stockings- and the dogs jumped up on the counter"  he was shocked to hear it was me... with the bagging stockings - i was there with the dogs, and the actress they had lined up was terrified of the dogs...  she was about my size so  between makeup and stylist , i became a schoolteacher...
after that we became best friends and he stopped trying to throw me out.
that was liberty tree mall which we use ll the time now.  no more problems...
tina is doing a heck of a job dealing with  mr moon and china---...... tina is good at dealing with all the icky details like fuzz and photos...  apparently the new harnessesi  are ready to mail.. big boxes-  we ordered teh minimum number  of harnesses... which is far more thn we will ever need...  but to get the shape design that we thought best for the dogs and recipients, we had to buy a bunch...- they will be very adjustable so will fit nearly  any dog -  except maybe  wanda....but then she is more of an itch- than a dog.  she is very like the guinnea hens we now have loose on the property  as she marches about with great authority, teasing any dane behind a fence...

grace has finally let her guinnea hens out to roam-- and are they having fun rolling in the pile of stone dust and marching around--talk about bullies !!!  they are very hard on each other...  but then we don't know  who is which.. and maybe we have the boy/girl problem -- who knows.?

Hi Carlene and everyone at SDP,

Today was the day Wendy & I went to the Massachusetts State House to advocate for Boston Children's Hospital. I talked briefly about how Children's has helped me, in conjunction with how Wendy helps me, and because of both, I'm still walking.  Since I'm from Maine, when it was time to talk to the reps and senators, I didn't have any. But Wendy's from Massachusetts, so we tagged along with an teen advocate to a senator's office. After our spiel, we handed out some SDP poker chips and went back to the great room.  We were almost ready to head to see Rep. Bradford Hill from Ipswich when the staffer from the previous Sen. Tarr's office found us and asked if Wendy and I minded doing a photo with the 2 senators. So off we went to the senate floor and met Sen. Tarr, Rep. Hill, and Sen. Ross who were very interested in Wendy. Rep. Hill heard of SDP, and we educated all of them about SDP, Sunday Stew open house, passed out the rest of the poker chips and hopefully made a lasting impression. We asked them to visit SDP and for more local publicity! Rep. Hill had seen another dane SD recently at a VFW event, but didn't know the dogs name. He said he would remember Wendy's name😀. We answered many questions about us and always mentioned SDP to people! Wendy did a get job representing how a service dog should act, and we owe it all to you and everyone SDP! Many people were impressed, and even 1 gentleman talked to mom and dad for a while about us. He said "I've seen service dogs, including a dane and kids with other types of service dog, but this is a first for me!" And pointed to me & Wendy. Think it was a compliment!

Be in touch soon!

Love, Team Hunter & Wendy

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