Wednesday, April 12, 2017

april 12 2017
after swiggin down a starbucks  which megan laced with extra caffeed n and sugar,, it did not cause the tachycardia i had thought... i was blaming the caffeeen from  judy's chocolate mouse which i enjoyed far too much on the sunday i had the ambulance ride. ---- then monday just sitting around-at mail call, i had a gingerale-- which i  have not had in 5 years?   and it got  going so we cut mail call short and grace took m to the ER.  by the time they "took" me i was all better, but they kept me overnight.  before grace left, she emptied my car of all the things to entertain me... my monkey fist production pouch and teh box of calendars..during which time i made 23 monkey fists and gave to anyone who came in to wait on me.( also 10 calendars- gone.) my overnight nurse went to kindergarden with megan.... and the day nurse had worked for me when i was animal episodes..

i had no phone ( lost in car) and no tv-- so all i could do was watch and think....
that was trouble...
there are 2 lahey emergency rooms-- one by the shopping cneter-- one more toward the center of beverly...  there are parts ov vbeverly that are some of the most  expensive in the state... and tehre are parts which are not like that at all...  should i have the choice of which emergency room to use next time, i think avoidinbg a city type  ER  might be wise.   teh waiting room was not "packed"  but the thing that dispensed the masks  for people to wear was empty.  my kids hate when i make generalities, but there was a line in that waiting rooom--- people who combed thier hair and those who did not.-- the non hair combers also apparently did not believe in  belts-- unless maybe they were all plumbers... gum chewing and shoe tying were incidental findings---  after being  sorted out by a triage nurse, we all sat.. watching jeapordy-- 30 minute show, i got one answer right-
janine joined us and we got into insured or not insured- that was the question.  it was her belief- and i have heard rumors this is true, people wouod be taken in exact order without regard to  insurance status-- and if i ad any chance of jumping the queue, it wouod be  heart related unless i could dispaly massive bleeding.----
----- she said just plain pain wold not get you in soonerr as she once sat with a smashed finger while all the people who looked like they did not have insurance were seen ahead of her. ( by teh way...w/r/t  fingernail smashing where you get teh blood under a nail which is so painful... i saw my husband several times in his office ... unbend a paperclip, and heat up the end to red. then just touch it to the sore nail burning a hole which relieved the pressure-- i was never sure it waas the medical school  preferred version, but it sure worked) 
the triage nurse blew what is left of my mind.. with basically what the lawyers have been implying ever since the electrrical accident ..."being 79, i have to ask  you, if you stop breathing do you want us to resuscitate you with a breathing tube and all that?"  sounded like it would be slightly inconvenient if thay had to get out all that stuff to keep me going... then i realized ... i have a DNR on file "do not resusitate" -- i had thought it was to be if i should be in a vegatitive state,  it had not occured to me that  i was sitting there with a heart that had the hic cups- and they might not make the effort to keep me going if it was neaar their coffee break...
i immidiately  thought -- things undone.... tht annenberg  contract was on my computer--- but  unsigned for the next 2 years... and mischa might deliver with grace here with me.  so i have to re-read that  DNR  to be sure  someone gives me a shot at survival...  there are an awful lot of people-- lawyers and insurance people ( maybe politians too?) who are ready to  write off  someone 79...  I have to work on that one. danm it..
idle  minde the devils playground- trouble--
with  our teenager--pockets -too... she need to think about something besides  walking around behnd people to scare them-- so-- my goal of teh day--  david's last trip to home depot was to get me a 6' 4x4 and some 2x10's  to construct a box for pockets to stand on - for a piece of carrot..... i bet she wold learn that in less time than it will gtake me to buildi it.-- she is just begging to have something to do.. 
i remember..." find something to do or i will find something for you to do"  that has to be from everyone's childhood-- it is also from   "the MOM SONG"    there are 2 versions-- i like this one-- it is certainly worth hearing( many times)
unless mischa starts "nesting"  in whicn case i will get nothing done-- except to srt around and analyze every phart.

i am told  as f 4:00 am we had 1200 people already watching her... and i do think she has 2 more days-- and will have 11 pups is my bet....

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