Tuesday, April 25, 2017

april  25 2017

this computer is acting up ... again.... you know if you don't get it in yout email, you can try on our web  -- top left corner...

all right---  this apparently will be the year of the pennies in the plastic bags... -- i have now had a 1/2 dozen varieties of the oenny project... i have tried it in the t tent- wheree i did not think it worked... but with mo and lincoln we coudl do a perfect experiment if we hang a bag off thier neck  and see how many flies are on their front legs vs back ones... fly counting... to be cloestly associated with mosquito counting...

some of the CP old timers know about my $500 mosquito mgnet  vs my $19 fan with $3 net "funnel" attached  it was 4 mosquitos  vs  a cup full caught in the net funnel,, i now have aa better fan in teh deagle and nut houses to blow air out the door... which keeps air circulating in all the doggie doors-- otherwise the mosquitos are brutal...  i geave that mosquito magnet away twice and both people returned it as useless.

my other fact is that  i took the cup of live mosquitos an dmoths-- loosely twised the net so they could not escape and put it on the roof of the dog house and soaked them in raid...  they were all very alive an hour later so i put it on the ground and stamped on them....  this is now my mosquito control  method minus all chemicals...  big footing.

the battle of teh bugs wil soon staart-- thank heavens we don't live near the ocean in ipswich...  there are "green heads"   large flys which  b ite and hang on  and are a huge problem with equines who  live near teh ocean in ipswich...   we may get 3 or 4 here over the summer  and they hurt...  there is one worse... a grey black huge    fly about 1.5 inches...we get about oone or two of these over the summer...  they bite a horse/donkey on the  back---  causing great bucking and kicking as it hangs on  hurting...... mary found out that i would swat the thing for her  which made her dangerous becaus e if one landed she would come running to me regardless of wh was standin g next to me.. or if i was in the t t ent.. all i could do was yell "here she comes" and try and get away from a crowd so i could swat the theing.

mary also knew that if she stood  in the t tent we would swish flyos off her legs for her and didn't mind getting swatted wit a fly swatter withthe enthusiasm that would panic a horse.

we also try "butterfly catchers"... from ebay.
i do not know why operating the tractor is seen as a man's thing--- sitting up high  wiggling levers in air conditiond comfort is  far less taxing than  poking these letters on this fool computer..  i rarely swear at the tractor...  unlike this machine..
so yesterday... as the pond was rising and covering a bit of the island,,,,, it was obvious  the exit pipes were not exiting the water... and rain is due today...-- so i went out with the tractor, got up int he back hoe seat-- and with 3 scoops  i undid the plug- and the pond began to drain with a great whoosh   as the  water swirled around the missing drain mid pond-- i know from past experiwnce that suction in that drain is so powerful it could easily drown someone..  at one point a basketball got sucked onto the top of the drain and i tried to get it off...
i don't do that any more...  experience comes from bad experience..
it has been reported to me that the musicians  are up and moving-- time to put up the white fence-- which is actually white wire shelving which is easily  jumped by mommy who's milk department would be in danger with any other puppy fencing.... not to mention boy puppies..
now teh topic of buck passing...
 a plumber was asked to give me an estimate on hooking up the dryer and  a few other things...  he called and asked if i would go see what the btu's of the dryer were... i was doing paperwork...s o i asked a bunch of people in the puppy room if they would find out hthe btu's on the back label of the dryer in the barn... they called shannon and asked her ( apparently ?leaving a message on her cell?) thus endeth that project... no one checked and  i forgot.... and now thei plumber can not sestimate  until he can figure the stuff needed... adn we again have no plumber  because  i don't know wht btu deal... 

sara has now gone to try and figure it out.
While Hunter was at Disney enjoying The Lion King:

Hunter made it all the way around the stage dancing (without falling!) which would not be possible if Wendy was not a part of his life for over 3 years. Wendy was not a fan of the smoke that was used earlier in the show, so she sat this one out.

the   bizzarre number of details that go into making one successful service dog defy all defyable numberiings.

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