Sunday, April 23, 2017

april 23 2017

now here is a new one to me...someone said they enjoyed the  DD writing.. and th echallange of trying figure out what i meant to type even considering  which letter is next to which on the keyboard...
that started me wondering ... starting with a blank piece of paper-- can anyone--  accurately--fill in the letters of this keyboard?..
i really would like to know this.. i almost asked my daughter gwen to do it when she was here, but we spent alot of time lining up the proper running lights for the rubber ducky, currently  in the pond...

now about that rubber ducky....i mention this only  for scientific reasons  even if jerry seinfelld did an entire 1/2 hour on the effect of cold water on "shrinkage"  -- ducky was inflated on a nice sunny day  and enjoyed several days floating joyfully as king of the pond...and then the cold rains came- now i don't know how to check this...., but his entire ego has suffered a chilling   "shrinkage"  problem.  his embarrassment is evident as his head hangs sideways, and his wings are minus thier  capacity to flap ----  little does he know-- these things do happen...  better days are coming- and if we inflate him and   his ego artificially- as some people might be inclined to do, when his life returns to happy days of  normal "sunny day"   pressure, any artificial  inflation might prove to be more than  he would be comfortable with-- and if that lasted more than 4 hours we might have to intervene somehow to take the pressure off and return him to his usual cheerful buoyant self.
 so he is  where he is- and we  will wait for nature to solve the problem...
this  scientific  shrinkage/ expansion problem can be life threatening to the pups.... bottle feeding  has started... not much.. just a bit... actualy about 3 oz between the 11 of them ( one absolutely refused to nurse from the bottle... the rest objected until they stopped to think, then grabbed and hung on nicely.)
so we fill the 8 oz bottle-- AND THIS IS THE CRITICAL PART-- the warm milk in the cool bottle with nipple attached, when you invert it and shake it up at all,  the warm milk expands teh  air in the bottle just enough to cause the milk to squirt out faster than a pup can cope with it..  so ---A MUST--  always squirt some onto your wrist to check the temp-- a couple times  0- then unscrew the cap to return the internal pressure to normal  and then check again if you have any doubt...before offering it to a pup.. 
that is the big deal...there are a couple otheres-- not life threatening-- but.. we whip the  powdered goats milk.. just a little in the blender and then put it in the bottle thru a very fine strainer-- otherise  one  un-disolved lump might clog the  tiny hole in the nipple.... to start with, i let them nurse while i count to 10-- that is all.. but during that time i usually can hear a bubble or two going into the bottle.. if i don't then i must when i take it out of the pups's mouth.  the other ting -- with dane pups, is you must use  your little finger and the musscle at the base of your thumb to gently press teh pup's lips to the nipple-- otherwise they ac get frustrate with the  slurp of the  air management  which doesn't produce much milk...
'1 other thing.... mix up an 8 oz amt per the directons on the bottle..... feed teh pups whatever ( 3 oz to start with) and give mommy the remainder.......
so that is the lesson of the day...
now.... this discussion is premature- because i have not seen chaos today... yet... .. but as of chaos' foot/shoulder?  she ran around yesterday and "came up lame'... carrying one foot.. now if i took her to teh vet , they would want to xray  all parts of her-- and arrive at a definite diagnosis.. which is certaily the right thing to do... however... whatever the xray showed  at least at the moment,  would not change our treatment of her.. her foot does not hurt if she does not walk on it. mommy nature provicdes pain to stop her from waking on it.  she seems comfortable standing on 3 legs -- or lying around... which is what she would do if we put a cast on her leg ( if anything is broken)-- so we will re assess her problem later today... if she doesn't come bounding on 3 legs for breakfast, we might pay more attention.... but i don't want to give her pain meds and cause her to walk on it...  rest up... maybe mommy nature has more to say..
wendy/ hunter
We had a great time Walt Disney World! Thank you to everyone who made it magical! From cast members and staff, security, and new friends (you know who you are), thank you for the memories and making it easier for us! From knowing service dog etiquette, to offering water for Wendy, or just admiring from afar, thank you!

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