Saturday, April 29, 2017

april 29 2017
almost may 1st - which i bet you all almost knew-  to me it means payroll due monday.. and we made it !!  our  2 grant moneys are  expended to nearly zilch... which they are supposed to be.. so we can have the next installment. without them .. and the chicken bricks , we would not be...
we have to send in a report that we have spent  the last bunch of money... and boy we sure have.......i am hoping next year will be easier without the building...
sooooo... yesterday when the memsaic chicken brick program  had the hic-cups, i nearly panic'd  because we are coming down th e homestreth to shatupon sunday  ( may 7?) and to have that program down could mean disaster..  if it ever happens you could send me checks for  quick-pik numbers...  we could not live many months without the support of the  "camera  people"
i am feeling much better... i know... because i am ready to fight on several scores.. first being...the farm bureau is trying to get the legislation to  stop calling a farm building a commercial building...  which ended up dictating that we spend money on very foolish things .. like  the famous $11000 floor drain the town made me put in the new building... i need to write that up -- with photo's  i think i can make a good case...
i maybe don't wnt to do that until we get thru the town meeting monday night over barking dogs.... i am trusting that the town ruling that  this is a farm community and if you move here you must expect noise, smell and dust  ( specifically noted. ) but to deal with that i felt i needed a lawyer to make the proper arguements   so i didn't get at the  microphone and call these people ^&*()_*&$.  if those people think the dogs are noisy, wait till we get to frog season...we have big frogs..

thankfully... i have 14 days of  "noise reports" done by a faithful camera person  "imitchelli" -- and  alot of people are planning to come with thier  dogs.... to the meeting....
after our computer hacking episode-- i have nearly transferred all money out of the old accounts into new ones..and tey are sending me new credit cards...--- doesn't sound like much,-- i do only one  electronic bill paying - the easy pass program... and sure enough  i got an email telling me the old card was no good..  the time it took them to do that was impressive...  what do they do, run a daily check on who's card is no longer able to pay the $3 bridge toll? i had to get ann to go with  me ( an excuse for lunch at the seafood store)  because she is the second signer on the  3 sdp  accounts.  checking savings and fun fund... personally i had 3 accounts too..
 in this paperless society , to close  an account  for fraud needed me to sign papers.... in 3 places.. and to open an account needed another 3-- so who is counting   6 accounts needing  3 to close and 6  with 3 to open    18 + 18  =36    ? paperless?   
that  was as bad as the day at the attorney general's office when -- to get a raffle permit, i needed to sign 2 papers for al the years i had been in business already -- like 22 sheets of paper--form papers that they  then filed   ??? where  i wonder?  

i can rememeber teh good old days when i went to the topsfield farigrouunds to let a bunch of dogs run every morning.. and they all behaved...i am not sure i coold do that now....  this is a problem .. because we ae taking a bunch of dogs to a college on tuesday - compliments of ebsco-- and i don't have 8 dogs that are "voice controlled" as they were when i did the fairgrounds regularly.. some will have to be on leash..  darn... some can "work the crowd"   nicely... but then there  is watson....-- and there is always a possibility of stray dogs on campus...  leashes...
i used to take 8 danes to boston-- government center for example-- with that "bed"  and stand around while people enjoyed patting the dogs..
having them on the bed made  them more eye level... and got rid of the  "hover and bend over"  which can be tiring for the dogs... being on the bed was a way of "containing"  them too...

i wonder if we shold get the bed out for this gig? 
a quick spray with gold paint and change the linnens, and it is respectable looking.
hmmm.  it goes in the horse trailer nicely.
  flys are boot project is progressing---  there are some --    kensington kpp minature horse fly--  maybe i should put some on the wish list??

on to the farm bureau...