Sunday, April 30, 2017

april 30 2017
sunday.... i have that right-- i have a clock that tells me the day..( actually 2 of them-- one in my room i don't take the wrong pill at the wrong time.)  the day of the week was never a biggie in my world- with animals  every day as it's own character of routien and disaster details and whether it is friday or tuesday doesn't really matter.
 but now that i know it is sunday.... sunday guests are going to be strongly encouraged to  do something besides  sit around and eat the wonderful food they all bring... and i am guilty too !!!  
i have been collecting a bunch of chores-- heavens ... do we have pallets.... sonme lovely pallets  -- some firewood...  then.....get the g-tent cleaned up and ready for use..... so first  . is to get the million dollar ($7500)  electric dryer out of the g-tent- and the only place i can think of where it wold be safe til we need it.. is teh ice house (  new isolation  building)  it could serve a purpose there to keep snacks and not encourage rats while we wait for the dryers in the house or laundry to keel over.
i am still struggling with plumber details- trying to get the gs dryer up and running is not easy...  the golf carts help.. the barn laundry is washed there and then carried... wet  to the dryer in the laundry-- reason being teh dry well for the laundry must be catered to ... and the washer in the laundry is the most elderly one we have... but just pursuaded it to work again.. but it is getting old. 
bud is our sunday fixer...   aka... bud the manual reading man
david #1 has become our saturday fixer... he and joyce tackled the  oven in the kitchen-- joyce and i found a wierd wire last week .. so  for lack of anything better to do.... ordered new switches from thier online... and printed up the  wiring drawings...  the wires did not totally match the drawings...-however david and joyce put in the new switches, then stood back and turned it on-- and it seems to work..
i am not going to test it on a nice roast beef... joyce suggested a tv dinner test would be wiser..
i am reminded no cloth toys for adults... sizzle just tossed up a piece of cloth toy about the size of a wash cloth...

 the v pen is off limits untel we get a good rain.... i emptied the bags of sand there for pups to play with... and it was very dusty  and coarse......  i had thought of ordering a load of sand to cover that area... it is very tired looking...
i wrote a letter? to send to the farm bureau ( and state legislators) about commercial labels for farm buildings-- which was the reason teh ice house has cost so much money-- all the regulations for commercial have been foolish and expensive...?insulating concrete blocks ?  and the elabrate $11,000 floor drain "system"  that flushes--- and i am not allowed to have a sink. ...  basically that building cost what  we should have spent on training  4 more dogs.  the floor drain flushing collection of copper and iron  pipes is just going to  sit there-  i see no reason to spend the money to finish it.  we are going to have  2  hose connections and one shower head for wasshing dogs-- with a smalll water heater. we will have to finish the massive drain flushing sstem as soon as heII  freezes over. all because of the word "commercial"

Hi Carlene, 
Ava is taking her first rode trip outside New England. We thought this would be a great time for CPs to meet her and see what a well trained SDP dog can do after she has left the farm. 
We will be traveling to southeastern US, eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and North and South Carolina. 
We will be gone from approximately June 13 to  June 28. But how long we stay depends on Ava who is used to her own doggie outhouse and being able to run in the yard whenever she wants. She's great in the car and has been fine in shorter trips. br>IIf anyone is interested, they can email us at 
Ava continues to be her wonderful self. Her impeccable manners has given her the titles of Miss Universe and Queen Ava at MGH. (I realize at SDP there has been only one queen.) But it is being able to lean on her both physically and emotionally that truly makes her wonderful. 
Thank you and to everyone at SDP once again, for my most precious gift.   
Cindy and Ava (and Jim) 



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