Sunday, May 14, 2017

may 1 4 2017
i struggle---i can not understsnd where/what i am missing....( aside from a memory - short or long) 
i had had an after dinner nap and decidedd to watch SNL
 i laughted  at   xxx riding the  white house  breifing room podium thru traffic  for sat night live-- and i marveled at the make up crew that transxxxxx her into him.... and who figured out that she even resembled him before being transxxxxx by the make up departyment....
i knew i had trouble finding SNL in the past-- so i went so far as to look up which network it would be on... and my trusty computer said NBC-
i hade heard of NBC a few times was/is  one of teh biggies in boston...  channel 4-- right there between ch 3 and ch 5--  however a few years ago- for whatever 7 became NBC  with one flip of a switch... and i remember one of the vp's of ch 7- who's bulldog i had often borrowed for the mac truck commercials...... was thrilled to "be able to sell the advertising around all the great NBC shows.

it did not take me more than 18 months to remember NBC was now ch 7... their checks were good after several peacock episodes.. i had that down pat... send teh bill to ch 7.... got it....
i really had not thought about the 4/7  switch until last night ... when after cnn's "shades of america" show -- great show with that huge commedian   with hair that looks like he's been struck by lightning-- it was time for sat night live-----SNL   11:30   

please.....i want  someone to tell me where my logic went wrong.....
not remembering which channel, i went to this trusty computere and it clearly told me SNL  was on NBC
back to bed...NBC is/was ch 7---  or so i thiught-- not this night -- it was broadcasting cake baking   ---not havirng any faith in my ability to remember, i tried ch 4 on the odd chance that NBC had decideed to switch  as it had once before...  no was on the great wall of china...
apparently verizon cable had a different number for nbc---
back to this computer--- verizon---"what channel is NBC?"---
"where?  ---  new york, or san antonio?  add your zip..."  all this was  beginning to blow my mind.... 
and i have certainly misseed the opning of SNL  so i added 01938
verizon said  boston  NBC was ch 14-- or 514
with great anticipation to have sollved the mystery.... i rush back to my room- and teh remote was dead
luckily the overflow room has a supply of a lot of things... including batteries--
change the batteries-- push 14 -- and the Tv tells me i am not allowed to watch this channel
i tried 514-- and i can't watch that one either... unless i call verizon...888-
how come???? please....
i shut off the offending machine....
but i am not quitting !!

luckily last night bud told me he does not stay up that late and watches it on youtube, xxxxxxx, or yyyyyyy
i will now cut this short and try to find  SNL  wherever they are hiding it..

i am not quitting.... a good laugh  is invaluable..