Saturday, May 13, 2017

MAY 13 2017
to all of you people who had all sorts of " findings'" as to why the pups had no worms... back off... the first reason was that grace did not give them the meds-- however she has now done that... and we are getting the usuall vermicelli spagetti...

 worms in pups are "normal"  and th new meds to treat them are not the messy loose stool bit they were when i was a kid. they get them... God gives pups  roundworms...-- the med is cheap-- just do it and don't get twisted up trying to figure out how---- couple times before 5 months is our rule.... then go to the  beneric wworming of all the others  they can get... we use "all wormer"  from austrailia--- they don't sell it in the usa... and teh service dog outfits in australia swear by it......(petsmegastore)
this is going  to be a rough day-- i had to throw out 2 monkeyfists already because i forgot to put in the marble.... how sidetracked can i get???

also i could not wear my usual "uniform" of bluejeans... consequently no pockets to carry my usual-pocket contents... so i have on  one of the fishermans vests someone sent long ago...   they are nice  in some cases....
they are now selling a fashionable vest tor normal people -- with a bunch of pockets-- like for travelers...
one of our favorite cp's leaves today---- boy is she a worker... she got alot done... i probably never would have... including the hand raking of all the topsiol i dumped along the flat fiels fence... with  hopes so groeint something petty and/or edible -- like pole beans...sunflowers or something...
i am not doing well with the grass--- what i did spread so carefully at 6 seeds to the inch --got washed into  crevices leaving bald spots-- i cut the field yeserday .. and almost spread some more-- luckily i didn't because i hear we are due for 3 inches of rain before monday...  that will do it again...  when that field is a nice smooth green it is lovely to look at with the dogs running...  the fertalizer we spread is working well... we have teh biggest , most prolific dandelions i have ever seeen...  what the hheck-- they are usually green.  all these perfect golf courses with no dandelions just reek of chemicals--   we certainly can not be confused with anyone who spreads dandelion killer...  after all we ofetn plant small yellow flowering plants right next to where we have been trained to think the others are bad...
invasive is  i think the problem-- they do take over... 
i remember.......way back in the 1940's my mother was  all riled up about people importing the "purple loostrife"  she was sure it would wipe out all the lovely blue wildflower  which she preferred -  she was right--- we now have fields of pretty purple ---where nothing else has a chance of growing.  we even have some here on the island  where we can nnot reach it.( because of the inhabitants of the isnald.... snakes.....)
and teh saga of my quest  for the roast beef of my childhood days..... the 7 pound rib roast  that cooked in one hour in that convection oven.... ann
suggested i reheat at 200 degrees to just heat it withouft cooking it...  and that seemed to work.
disaster reports--
 the microwave quit... ( i think it was the oven and mic  can not be operated at the same time-- trips he switches... 
 we should re-extension cord  the setup) 
and teh upstairs plumbing/shower?  is leaking
and there  is a dog barking too.... :(