Thursday, May 25, 2017

may 25 2017
there is a huge quantity of "later i will fix/understand/make a million redesigning..." THINGS around the latst uncover episode i fournd a tiny recorder..  could possibley be a huge help qround here-- especially if the latest person of offer to write ( or write for me)   the story of crazy acres becomes a viable book deal....
it was in a box... with the directions--- 16 pages of "quick startup" directions...  that required i use my wonderful  lighted maganfying lens... it measures about 1 x 4 inches  .... that it is the perfect size to get lost in your sox drawer.* 

with emense courage ... i finally got the date set in about 1/2 hour...  first thing missing in the directions is  how to push a button....  it took me a long time to find out that  push button had 2 differejnt push modes.. sometimes it meant "poke" button.. and other times "depress button slowly"   so the 65 different instructions on ths 16 page mannual was actually 130 different  reactions..add permutations and combinations--- and there is no way.
 right-- you know where this si going...     what happened to on/ off and record/ play  --  
just as with the desk computers, just because you can do something, is no reason to make it so complicated that it's usefullness is marginalized..
like computer users--- nearly everyone now is an expert on one use of computers, and totally ignorant ot the rest of the 99% of it's functions...  i have 2 children --- well employed in the computer business-- but if i ask either one  how to turn mine on when it is stuck... neither one knows a thing about it.  UNPLUG AND REPLUG  is about hte extent of thier help.  which often works...
i think i am glad we have located a "computer doctor" in ipswich....  he knows a bunch of stuff which helped last time someone else got control of my  curser and i had to change  my ( and spd)  bank accounts and charge cards.
yesterday.... tractor trailer of . food was to arrive bettween 10 and 3  -- i was lucky because i did go and pick up debi at the shuttle  at is 15 min down the highway.-- becauess-- those 8 pallets of dry food ned to be unloaded with the tractor.... and yesterday  i was  #1 operator--  we got back in time for the arrival of the "yellow trucking line" --- NOW........ per his instructions  he was to deliver between 1 and 4 and he had only the pallet of wet--- whcih had to be let down off the truck with his tailgate  which we then hand carry into the barn...  because the phone all said 10 to 3.... that must be a different truck with no tailgate lift which means we have to use the tractor to get it off the truck... which means i really can't go anywhere today  until the missing truck arrives withthe 8 pallets of dry....
sometimes they both ccome here at the same time...  but not yesterday.

 the wet food gruck guy is very nice--- and said they do gladly take back pallets  so i quickly loaded 2 big stacks on his truck... and promised to get teh rest organized by his next delivery.    but ...maybe i can unload thme to the dry food guy-- that is the next chore for the community service kids... pile up a bunch of ... nice... pallets and maybe the dry food guy will take them

history was   i could get $7 per... but now they don't eve take them away.. at least that i know of.
kinda similar to my manure pile problem
once in my lifetime.. we sold it  then we gave it away-- now we can't give it  away..  janine is luchy... she found a place where she can take hers and dump it... ( we are beyond that  in quantity....)  
the chain link fence   for the new building arrived  ON A TRUCK WITH MY FATHERS RAMP - FRONWHICH WE NEVER MADE A PENNY... BUT HE HAD FUN PATTENTING IT.  ---  back to the  fnecing--- HEAVY GUAGE CHAIN LINK... DANES CAN WALK THRU THE LIGHT WIEGHT CHAIN LINK..--   I WAS IN  TEH MODE OF    SIT DOWN AND TELL PEOPLE WHAT TO FETCH AND CARRY---  THE KIDS HAD A LESSON IN CHAIN LINK INSTALLATION...  SIMPLE BOLT 2 TOGETHERE AT RIGHT ANGLE, AND YO DON'T HAVE TO HOLD IT UP.--   it gets complicated when 3 pannels meet.. you have to be careful what gets bolted to which.  it is wonderfully designed...til you loose the  right size wrench in the grass... .
our only real problem is the  clamping  pieces which do teh bolting were far lighter than i have ever used before...  so i spent the rest of the day going thru the collection of buckets containing :fencing pieces.... very gald to  find we have maybe enough to  solve the  "weak joints" 
that is toeday's job.... while i wait for teh 8 pallets of dry food...

i hate to think where we would be without purina -- we have enough troble with  free food... and such good food too...  we ran out of puppy food... and i went to tractor supply and bought  one 50 pound bag was $50.00  --  BLESS PURINA  !!