Thursday, May 4, 2017

MAY 4 2017

couple new changes....... i have decided  outside weather has sprung.. even if it means getting rained on... i had a delightful few hours with a bucket of bolts--- literally  -- i sat at the forlorn "picnic table"  having had judy do a test "sitting on" to be sure it would maybe hold me. th e sun ws fun.... thinking of all the things  that needed to be done as i picked  thru a trayfull of  hardware-- the kind that gets tossed in a bucket  at the end of a job   to be sorted out  "later"   after about 30 years of  "laters"   i managed to sort  into those purina dog food plastic bins--  first... the washers--- they are always a specific  need and when tossed in with screws and bolts, , they slither to the bottom of any collection making it hard to find the exact one you need.--- so i spread and  picked those out on the end of a wire...   got about a cup full... and was very pleaed with myself..
there is almost an infinite number of screws which can be substituted for each other.... but the bolts... and nuts...  if you haven't got the right nut, the bolt is useless-- there is no forgiveness...  so not only the diameter of teh bolt, but the  "thread" ...  living with nuts  necessitates  intense observation.. the nutt makeing industry has it figureed-- they sell bolts and nuts in individual packaging knowing full well that you will buy matching threads, and buy  more than you need and toss them in a  "later collection"  knowing  full well that you will go buy more nuts and bolts that match in thread before you sort the "later bin"..
it is a self perpetuating problem.  but we now do have a nutt tub and bolt tub.... if we were ideally orgainzed we would put the nut on the bolt - they should be sold that way...
tell me how often you need a bolt without a nut-- or vice versa..????

identifying hardware and tools is a game i enjoy....
i did find a few pieces of hardware that  never would belong in this  household collection....  namely the  piece that attaches a chain to a hook--because i already had a  bucket of  chains and hooks -- i was thrilled to find teh hook that was minus that "pin" ... many people don't realize there are 2 differentg ends on chains-- on purpose.. i try to have one of each on the neds of any chains..
which started me.... i can't tell you how many times i have sat on th e tractor waiting for someone to understand teh difference-- the only reason i am so knowlegeable is  for most of my life i was not the "sitter"  but the dragger of said chains.....
.... . one hook has a very skinney slot and teh other hook has a rounded hook.. one grabs teh link of the chain... the rounded one will let the chain slide thru and tighten... .i will do it as a nutty professor some tuesday.... along with the concept of "the weakest link"  

there was an  HIV organization around here called "the strongest link"   and i never understood  using that for a name.... maybe i am missing something, but  in a chain, the strongest link is useless next to a weak link????  
 chains are used in messy areas--- muddy or underbrush--  where there is a split second where the chain  disappears in mud or grass...- like fence mending tools i think it is called  "dropsy" --( i  do know it is called expensive)
the biggest  chain i have is one i found on route 495- in lowell. it is the type to hold atractor on a trailer---  how frightening is that? 
i don't know what it is about  RT495 but i have had some amazing finds there...  a pallet of  1/4 inch thick ?lexan plastic  - blue and black- you will see it around here  in many places... namely the dog feeding  stations... and  the blue table sometimes in the nursery  area... it is wonderful stuff... i just  found a 3' x 6'  black piece i have not used yet !!   it is very expensive.. recovering this stuff from the highway  is a whole nother challange...
now that i am outside -- the t tent becomes  the outside office.. and i need to get a phone  connection there... i own maybe 12 portable phones.... but  we are down to two...
the big difference is--- i want to have my dogs down there with me...-- and these pups have no concept of cars... so  the gate will be shut when  pups are in that area... there will be no cars beyond the gate and darn slow moving golf carts or they will get banned too...... i can not concentrate on anything  if the pups are around  moving vehicles...
someone gave me the dickens yesterday for suggesting if the gate was shut there would be no cars past it.- hopefully til th e next snowfall, that area from barn to t tent  might be more like  what was once  "my living room"... where alot of work will get done.  an d i want pups there too...
the drivewway---  ( apparently about 500 feet...)   i am working on it  i wish it was simple
masterson construction - who usually does our heavy machinery  constrution stuff... is trying to get some deal with  his usualy paving outfit  someone was here yesterday measuring the drivveway to the guest house 
cummings properties    we got a $100,000grant over 2 years form mr and mrs cummings-- who own extensive properties around the north shore  so i am thinking he might  be able to help with  that.
brox industries    i just found out brox wil be paving boxford road next week-- - that would be the most effecient solution  but i must go twith the most effecient  money wise....
training lesson   learned the hard way..... i am helping this ( BROWN) dane owner with training..... read this two or three times....

Today though sargent and I went to Bass Pro Shop 1st.  We have been there several times and did some shopping. It was hard for me to keep his attention, with all the other dog smells and my worse nightmare (almost happened) he lifted his leg. 
2nd place Wal mart different one. We did some more shopping and he was awesome! 
3rd Market basket. He did even better. ( I think he was exhausted) 
Very Happy with both of us. 
Thanks for everything!!
 what i see...
 he wouoldn't concentrate -- she decided - erroneously ---it must be dog smells  and corrected him... he said  "you dummie, i gotta go !!!" 
and aft... in the other stores he was awesome....  he was talkiing to her  and she didn't listen...   
Everywhere we go, people are impressed with her behavior. I am also extremely grateful because Seagram has allowed me to do so many things, from resuming beach walks to attending seminars about gardening. Seagram also continues to surprise me with how sweet & attentive she is -- and her caring certainly made me feel better. Thanks again to you and all those that helped to raise & train her to become the wonderful partner that she is!!- amy