Monday, May 8, 2017

may 8 2017
i remember.......if i was with my father and  scratched myself,  he would tell me to wipe it off with some spit on a  klenexx.--  his solution to liquid bandage....  but .. one of those 3 am ideas, i wondered why dogs heal so fast when they can lick it...  we always assume they are keeping it clean... debreiding the wound etc...  but i wonder if the saliva, being produced by you in the first place might have different potential????  .   lord knows where  i get these ideas....  GOLDIE  helps.... ( for new commers GOLDIE= Ghost of my Left Hand Drawer  does alot of things.) 
my father had many  very " out of the box"  solutions to alot of things-- which eventually have turned out to be correct....lately i have seen people trying to study everything  "fat free" -- and i remember that one too... when you eat roast beef, you shouid always inculde just a small piece of fat, it helps digest the meat... and of late... is butter better than all the substitute margerine/ oils?  he had a wonderful bbq sauce that started with a pound of is a shame they now nearly outlaw anything fried in bacon grease...-- that stuff is good !!

 of course back then, companies were not allowed to sell yellow margerine, it came with a bright orange bubble which you squished and  squished  in it's plastic bag--- til it turned the  color of butter... ----  til finally the margerine lobby outweighed the butter  lobby and we now buy yellow margerine- and even get away with calling it  "almost butter.." --  this is progress..  deception is now legal... and often accepted.
how often are we(  am i?) trained to stop questioning-- and  get trained to accept " FACTS " --- that can not possibly be true. ---
 i am back on crop circles-- i am sorry... i do not have the answer-  but i am absolutely certain  they are not all done by some  drunks from the local  pub  with boards on a rope... even sober, there is no way any bunch of humans could produce so many .. so varied... so perfectly.  PERFECT  is rarely a human capability---- they did not  "just appear" in the last centruy... they just appeared when we got in airplanes and  could get up and look....-- th e odd ballonest was to busy  staying aloft to notice the  patterns...not all circles.... people have sent me alot of books.... all picture books..  not one real expliantion for the fantastic designs..
there were alot of people here yesterdqy for the shatting...  i had alot of fun an was polite to nearly everyone... with one noteable exception...i guy called saturday and said he wanted to give up IT office work and get into service dog training... could he volunteer?   so he came... he did not come here to learn anything, he came to tell me how much he already knew-- which aside from his name, didn't last long.  he had started a dog wlaking service- and knew all about dogs, because he had 4 once.   he asked if i had heard of clicker training-- when i told him i thought clicker training ws started by the metal industry to help people that could not make the same noise with thier mouths, i don't think he likeed that answer...... i know i am still learning ... big time... but i do have  hundreds of dogs in my past who have taught me someting.  maybe....
i did try... having a prospective trainer who knows nothing is  actually a good thing....... it is the ones who think they know everything who ask  me a question   then don't like the answer.  i dropped him off  my golf ccart and told him to wander around and meet some of the dogs and systems we ave going....  5 minutes later he walked up to pam and i on the golf cart and announced " i am leaving-- you may be famous for your dogs but your interpersonal skills are terrible"  i said  i was famous for that too.... ( pam choked behind me) 
ENTITLEMENT----the donkey walk went off without a hitch-- at least anything but the normal hitches...  they were then all turned loose where they ate far too many carrots-- and the biggest problem there is  entitlement-- pockets has decided she is entitled to a bunch of carrots ---
i know entntlement  in a donkey is a tough thing to have to deal with..- regardless of how many carrots she gets, she feels she is entitled to more. to thee point that if you run out, you are in danger of her deciding theft is an acceptable solution.  it happens.. donkeys are brighter than  on expects... so thieir pattern can go from pleasent... to sneaky... to sleasy.. to stealing...-- it happend-- and is my fault for not startting her on a more respectable way to ask for carrots-- like mary....  do something cute and people would procude cartots-- like carry some object  you found in teh yard to the group- and someone would produce a treat... just standing around got ou nothing..
Hi Carlene

Last night while we were at the American Legion, I fell for the first time, my foot fell asleep because I was sitting so long. When I got up with Emmett to leave my foot would not work. I took a couple of steps, then timber! People near by rushed over to help me up. My wife said his dog will get him up. He laid down next to me, I got to my knees, told him up, brace and stood up on my own with Emmetts help. People were shocked with amazement.

I think we are heading up later this morning for a visit, see you then.
THIS REMINDS ME  of another recipient (steve/charlie?) who were christmas shopping ... with long lines... wife in line... husband and dog wandering-- he falls-- people rush to help-- the wife says "let the dog handle it, i am not loosing my place in line" 
puts that in perspetive nicely...

We recently traveled with Team Hunter & Wendy to Disney and are so thankful for the extended SDP family we met there! Ingrid went out of her way throughout the week from arranging accommodations close to the dining hall and bus stops, to VIP seating at the shows, to meeting cast members, to personally providing transportation so we wouldn't miss a thing! Best of all she introduced us to other SDP supporters who know first hand how life changing a dog like Wendy is. With gratefulness for all you and SDP supporters have done and will do, Hugh & Alison VanBrocklin (aka: Mema & Pops)