Tuesday, May 9, 2017

may 9 2017

i am way behind.... starting 7:30???? and i was soooo organized 3 hours ago..

i even thought about some of the more organized people i know, kitty being one of them...
and she carries a notebook  into which she puts notes..  paper... pencil even...
in an effore to folow her example i flipped opne my trusty  suduko book at 3:30am
 and made notes on the  page where the puzzle was done/ 
i was very pleased-- 
so now here i sit with 5 topics for teh dd and none of them make much sense
todays fyi-- a scientific study...
what better tiem to expereiment on drugs than at  3am  with a slight headache --
the facts-- or at least my concept of facts....
3 am headaches are common in alot of people
alot of  extra stregnth headache med has just a bit of caffeen in the fine print
so i went out and bought caffeen pills and broke them in quarters..
instead of taking excedrine 1/ tylenol  1/2 asprin  and 65 mg of caffeen,
 i took just the 1/4 caffeen pill - 10 minutes laer... headache gone.
that is certainly worth the experiment.. try it..  there coudl be alot of reason why it worked
don't waste your time -- if it works... it works--- forget the details...
 i must have been watching the chlorox long handled wand advertisement which bragged abotu how i could
keep those hubs on the  tires on my car all shiney...-
 not too  high on my list of to do's... besides..... bentley
trys very hard to  do that for me every chance he gets.
next note-"happy female"
i remember that ad-- it was happy vacation - sun-beach- lovely shapley  people
no not people.. female people--
why do all the happy vacation   ads show only females lightly clad...
they could put in some lightly clad males for the female audience
i am sure the ad agencies have done some heavy duty studies about that,  an di am not sure i like it...
my other notes will have to be done tomeoorw-- if i figure them ut
$.99 => penny
clean pockets