Thursday, June 15, 2017

june 15 2017

we nearly have a driveway-- it is beautiful---
when they did the streeet, they grouudn up the old road and it was beutiflly smooth...  when they ground up our driveway , they spent the next 6 hours trying to scrape the rocks and stones into a smooth surface...  they did get down a coat of hot top and rolled,it... but said they would be back today to finish before noon...  whatever that means..

our basic problem was... our drirveway was put down in sections-----  as i seemed to inherit a  hot top guy who " had a few yards extra" which he would spread for $500.  so the drive , yard and alleyway  were all done in  lumps  -- some thiicker than others-- obvioulsy--   put down by wheelbarrow   raked out and rolled... by hand gizmo  ....  but it did last for years...
now... with all the traffic we get in here... we needed a real  road building outfit..  which we had... street to gate for $20k.  had to spend it... the ups guy could not longer deliver because our drive shook all his packages off his shelves...
anne has done a wonderful job on this  article we are to send to explore today.... i really wish we had a little more direction about what they wanted.. however... minus the direction... we put together something... my problem is... it is possible to write something very accurate and dull to read.. or to put somethign togetehre that is off the wall and fun to read.... anne brings me back from that... to something only slightlyt amusing to read while being factual.....

we did use a lot of the things you all sent... she made me leave out some of the really funny ones...  she is probably right....  but i have them all saved in a folder called "saved chats"
speaking of amusing  daily doggies,  janine's bout with the green jello lady got good reviews 
she could manage...
my early morning 6 am serenade ( howl?) with bentley, chaos and mindy   gets good reviews too/  he is funny about it... he sidles up to my left elbow looks me straight in the eye and  asks  "now?"...
12 pups in the kitchen overnight  is pushing it...." too many rats in a cage and they will fight"  so we are close to splitting them overnight.
kennel 10 does have the used car hawk deterrent overhead....---   the used car  stuff over the nutt housee hill is not as well done... so maybe 4-6 can go down to 10 tonight... they do very well at teh megan marches... which are worth the price of admission --   
now to my left over roast pork and limas--- heck  that is breakfast or lunch?? i have been up since 3am...
i wish we had 22 hour days,,, it would  work better for me

Just wanted to share with you how Addie came to the rescue and saved the day! I was driving in a dark, newly opened road when a cop behind me flashed his light and pulled me over. He said I was swerving in and out of the road. I’m not drunk or anything, I was confused because they just opened the road and I wasn’t sure if it was a one or two lane road, not to mention it was dark and raining. He asked if I’m ok, I said yes. Mr. Cop asked for my license and asked where I’m headed. I replied home.  
He then pointed his flashlight to the rear passenger side and saw Miss Addie on a down/stay position. His face immediately lit up and his voice changed. He said “Wow, what a gorgeous dog!” He asked if she’s a Service Dog, I said yes, she is (he must have seen Addie’s red SD vest on the right passenger seat). He looked so amazed :) He asked how old she is, told him she’s a few months shy of 2. He said “wow, what a nice, good dog”. Then he let me go and said “be careful, this road keeps changing everyday since they opened it”. He escorted us until we got to the highway.  
Phew! Even Mr. Cop couldn’t resist a Great Dane’s charm. Addie to the rescue, or I could have gotten a ticket! She’s always there to save the day. I’m just so blessed to have Addie. 

Thanks to you and all of SDP staff and volunteers!

Love and Aloha,

iheart & Addie

Carlene White