Friday, June 16, 2017

june 16 2017
i realize everything we do is subject to an ad agency's interpretation..... therefore i conclude ....a great percentage of insomniacs must  not be able to sleep because of pain.... because the  2 am advertisements are nearly all about pain... i wrote them down
hang upside down and you will be young again
use this patch and you can garden
.swallow this pill and you can cycle
strap  this thing on your calf and you can jog.
and .. lastly.. i never knew that NOT using this guy's pillow was dangerous to my arm.

i am not sure i want to be young again , unless i can change a few of the  more memorable decisions i made as a teenager...
  it was the threat of  gardening- that got me..  they show you what a beautiful -organized garden you can have if you wear this patch...-- let me tell you -- weaaring that patch will do nothign to beat back the forest-- which  as far as i am concerned is the biggest danger to my gardening  efforts-- ----well mary -- THE DONKEY -- was  clearly a bigger threat.. she ate everything from sunflowers to pea plants--  however  --the forest is every bit as creeps in... with tiny little innocuous  "shoots'... one stem 2 leaves  -- they don't look worth the effort of bending over even with the danm patch- so you go  by to pick up the mail ... and when you get back,  the things are 6 foot tall  and wound around teh fence wires with a death grip. 
it started when i  put in the second driveway.... and organized a "chute" along the flat field to hte  usual parking pit..  it is sunny -- so with great effort ( driving my heated and a/c tractor) i trundled "top soil" (aka 3 year old horse pucky..) all the way round and  left a 1 foot wide strip  to plant things that could - with my permission, climb on the flat field fence.... and produce beans.

both  grace and i   tended it-- raked it smooth and poked the peas and beans carefully in the strip  the required 6 inches apart-  we had no reaswon to go down that fence, until they started to repave the driveway ( thank heavens ) -- i was blissfully unaware of the devastation to those beans when i drove out... being on the left side of my car... but when i drove back,  i was on the fence side....and needed a machete   to beat back the vines which had nearly  strangled our  poor beans.  
there in the parking pit was grace-- on hands and knees----- not to be done in-- planitng a ten foot strip with some 8 inch tall store bought  tomtoe l-plants--- next to the fence...  i hated to point out to her the fate of the bean patch-- so i gave her a cocunut yougurt bar  and drove on.
there ae a whol lot of things about mother nature and  dog reproduction...  there are just as many as ways mommy willl tell you  "that patch of earth is mine....  and i prefer vines to beans.... and i don't need any patch to claim teh area"

we had such great hopes for that strip garden.... because the other  threat to any gardening efforts is teh fence fighting  where puppies run back and forth on either side of a fence to see who gets to the end fiest and turns around-- this will effectively wipe out even the one stem 2 leaves put out by the forest to claim the area..
and the yellow ten ti is nearly up.... it needs some additional design  modification  because th e afternoon sun will wipe out it's basic pupoose...
FYI....the driveway-- was puty down hot.... and the issue  apparently is... you can't drive on it til it "cools" -- how cool you may ask?
accorcing to megans friend who is state police... under 100 degrees-- state police know these thisgs because they are often a detial around a repaving episode... so they carryy that laser beam long distancce testing device ( kinda fun to play with an not too expensive on ebay..)  i happen to own one---  as they poured the driveway--- the top bit was 110  and the newly poured/rolled at the street was 158 degrees

 by graces tomatoe plant episode yesterday afternoon the upper drive ws golf cart proof  at 88 degrees..