Wednesday, June 21, 2017

june 21 2017
my absolutely brilliant/ possibly disasterous.. concept of the day ..( yesterday) is to  ( today)  take apart the tipi  and using 1/2 th e poles to make a frame on which i can  drape some of that shade material  to provide a shaded area for sitting along puppy hill  where we usually have teh "conversation group"   of granite benches-- but tht does not need all the poles... so  maybe use the other poles to set up a donkey watching area-- where yesterrday we  took delivery of a strange graneit bench which i found in the "seconds" area of a granite bench store..... we have 2 poles in addition to the normal temt poles.. plus we will not need the 2 smoke poles 
this will not be easy...

i know for  fact that  properly done - a tipi os a very secure year round residence that a good indian woman can set up in an hour....( and a good indian woman does not have any wrinkles in her tipi cover.)  fact !  .-- these tipi's seem to be the responsibility of the indian woman... there is one other fact i  have read about in the gladys lauben(sp?) book of tipi's.. if an indian woman wants a divorce all she has to do is throw him out of her tipi ..-- no lawyers, no arguing over possessions.. just out...    i think there is also a fact that the indian philosophy is that we only borrow things from the earth in our lifetime...-- which is a very intresting concept..  and fairly true-- problem is we are all over extended on some earth's  credit card system...  we have allowed ourselves ( humans) to  become in subservient   to artificial "needs"

i don't have to go far to see the problem... here on my desk  are plastic curlers left over from the last curlinmg episode...  having straight or curled hair does nothing for my internal being... somebody told me i needed them. and i believed.. in this system,,, i did need them.
i feel the same way about health insurance--  if we got rid of all the health insurance costs, just think of all the money that would be available to use for our health.. like buying baindaids or paying nurses or doctors to actually care for us instead of secretries to have to spen time looking up what insurance code would  make the ins compaly pay a small part of an office visit ....  i look at all those buildings which house teh health insurance companies and think... we would have no health problems if  the cost of those building was invested in research...

continuing to pound th square peg in to the round hole.......i did not have an electricution episode with that elevator  18 months ago... it is not on my record.. because there is no medicare code for what happened... so therefore.. it didn't happen?  meanwhile  don't make a buzing noise around bentley or his ptsd takes over and he runs to land in my lap  regardless of what else is already there.... like yesterday  i had a laap full of drill bits and screws.... they went flying... but i saved him from the frightening buzz of a fly...
 now with regard to the 84 danes in limbo ( actually in new hampshire)...  i had a discussion  with george last night- he thinks teh HSUS has everthing under control without my help because they are getting so many offers, i am just one more nut in the crowd...  which i am... 
i felt better when  someone told me yesterday that the dogs were still in the house... because getting  in there  and cleaning ( servepro style) and keeping them there is the only way i could see to handle  over 8000 pounds of dogs quickly...  george says with total conviction..the dogs are gone from the house.

 i have trouble with that because...even with  SOME pups ... 84 danes avg weight is  100 pounds or more..  84 x 100 = 8400  that is over 4 tons of dogs....  that one truck thy had ibn the video would have to make an awful lot of trips sopmewhere to take the dogs out of the house... 
 one reason i got into danes was the fact that an animal control person in danvers had picked up a dane, and her "dog pound" did not have a cage big enough to put him in. so she stuck him in my horse barn....---  so to decide all 84 are n the local pounds is highly unlikely.

plus the fact that many need vet care.... heck before vet care... all need a good bath....
george also said- probably most do not walk on a leash---- ok... how many people does it take to get one dane to go anywhere it does not want to go???  yesterday one pup into the bath here  took 3 people 20 minutes   - the whole thing just does not compute... 
then i heard " the HSUS "   is building a kennel to house them because they are  in a legal case WHICH WILL TAKE MONHTS...  ... well--- they must not  have to ask permission of teh local building inspector or those dogw will die of old age before they get any new kennel building up;. 
SO  there is a lot that just does not add up... and with all the rumors i have heard, not one deals witht he face that  faced with the immediate care of 84 huge dogs, the problem  might give you 1/2 hour in hot weather to get water to all  ( water buckets????swimming pools???what?)  and 4 hours  lead time before under the best situation, all would need lunch or dinner--raw chicken?? hot weather???
there is stuff here that does not add up...
geroge just called to say that brad is up and feeling well... so i have asked him to go and not take anyone's word for it...i need a visual that they got all those dog sout of there-- and then of course.. where did they go..
maybe i can learn how to transport and care for 65 dogs quickly ??
I wanted to send you this video of the absolutely wonderful Dolly. We are camping and just hanging out, when this little bird decided to come up and greet us. Reminded me of the Dr. Seuss book, Are You My Mother? The baby bird got so so close!

I am so proud of Dolly she did so good just leaving it. I just had to send it to you!

Thanks for all you guys do. I can't imagine going back to the way things were before Dolly. She has given me so much Independence and confidence to try new things.


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