Monday, June 26, 2017

june 26 2017

i had some absolutely brilliant concept to "air"  in the DD  -- is gone 
 so you will have to put up with the overwhelming  manure pile problem.
historically , i/we trundeled it out beyod teh pond in a carved out spot where i could add lime and churn it to the left-- so that 3 years of left hand chruning the pile closest to "a" field was top soil... life was good...and  the grass was green...
then came the cameras and  spotless cleaning came into vogue and the quality of the manure pile went downhill.. problem ... more shavings than poo.-- so i started a secondary  depository out near the 3rd oparking lot... behind the arena.. where i figured i could eventually use teh shavings to cover the whole area...
problem was/is  water runs down hill-- i.e..... off the arena roof and into the level  path i was using to drive teh tractor.-- this provided a churning of any outside poo into lovely black mud.. deep dark  and slippery mud.. great for growing onions ( per my father)  however i am no longer  in any  onion growing phase- and would prefer a level driving path..  i have a great aversion to driving any vehicle in a  anything but 90 degrees of gravity...
for $5000 the drivewaya guy was to come solve the entire problem with his heavy equipment in about  20 minutes.. our tractor will take days..-- the wear and tear on it .. and me ... is probably a little less than $5000
yesterday i sat for hours ... in the sun not by  the sea--- but by the manure pile and studied what might be possible with our tractor.. it certainly would be an awful lot easier to have the $5000 guy do it  but he is in no hurry-- and as you all know... shlt happens...and piles up..
the level driving path is not the only complication..... the preg donks.. will have to lose 
"outdoor"  privileges-- and some other fence will have to  come down adn a gate to keep the rest of the herd out of the stall-- so teh complications are many--
 i have no problem driving the tractor and using the backhoe in heated and airconditioned comfort  because it  is still easier than using  a sewing machine -- but it is all the fence moving that slows me up...
i am left hoping some "fence lifting: type person comes along today  to help  get this project started..  if i fail... there is always teh $5000 guy.... when he gets around to it.
i now remember the brilliant bit....
next to geroge winning the #1 serv dog in the country, i had another exhilarating experience yesterday...  a very nice couple came by-- they had heard of us..  wife had something... wobbly walker will do for a diagnosis to avoid any hyppa rules... with much care and less speed husband got her walker out of the trunk and positioned it nest to the passenger door... while thier child stood patiently  waiting..-- they came into the t tent while i was making leashes  and out of the blue i told her to walk to the barn minus that walker-- left hand in hubby's right back pocket and off they went....
when they returned the child said "i have not seem mommy walk like that in years"  -- and mommy could not believe she was standing up straight and moving  normally.
i realize i will have to fight the  cane and walker manufacturing lobby-- but pass the word along.... going out to dinner?  leave that walker home... and start standing up straingh again...  it is not anthing i could patent either...  not tht i want to go thru that again after the shee wee episode.
doctors doing the convential -- cane to  walker to wheelchair progression...  it is great fun to break that.!  ---- then to sit in  with the puppies...
they were soooo happy-- life changing afternoon for them...
 tehn we have  ADI  (assistance dogS   they are at it agin..  trying to legislate common sense....sent me reems of paper on what is required to  declare a service dog a PTSD dog... it starts out  with all the gyrations necessary to protect the applicnat's  paperwork from prying eyes-- my solution to that is somewhere i have put "do not send me any information  you don't want public"   bcause i don't care what   latin name describes whatever you have... you have to come here for a look-see at which point  we can determine a wobbly walker when we see them.

ADI then goes on with having mental health  professionals on staff to consult  blah  blah  blah   -- so now anyong applying for a dog shold leave that off their application... as far as i can see  all these vets with massive wobbling problems all could put down ptsd also... well i am a dog trainer  and we can deal with the wobbles--- - for mental health you will have to go elsewhere..
 which brings up another problem in th e news.... govertment and disability/ medicaid   stuff...heaven knows what the gov't will do... that is not my area... but....i have a real problem with people who  basically are disabled because some doctor told them they have some problem which makes some people unable to function anywheres near becomes some badge of entitlement.      "because i am disabled......."
case in point..
someone called  re an application for a dog for thier  brother...( i have forgotten the dx... but one i recognized...) we got to the part about coming here and living independently in the guest house with the dog for a few days...
teh sister remarked"  i don't know how we could manage that with his attendent"
me...what attendant? 
her    "he had someone from 8 to 5  m-friday to cook his meals.."  
me... "if he can not prepare his own meals he can not get a sd dog  from us  " 
her " oh,   his attendant would take care of the dog and he does cook on weekends..."
me " is cooking the only reason he has an attenddant?"
her  " he might fall -  "
me " how often does he fall?"
her "he hasn't yet.. but th e doctor said he might and medicaid would pay for the attendant"
me " i might fall too and i wear a thing  around my neck " 

that too is another problem  with the medical system in the usa.
and on my level it becomes....."my doctor says i need a  service dog........." 
janine's latest....pack burro racing

In a typical burro race, a runner and a burro travel a prescribed course together, with the runner leading the burro on a rope. Riding of the burro is not allowed. In fact, the human may carry the burro, but the burro may not carry the human.[3] The burro must be on a lead rope, which is limited to 15 feet (4.6 m). Runners must maintain control of their animals at all times. Burros must also carry a pack saddle with 33 pounds (15 kilograms) of traditional mining gear, which must include a pick, a gold pan, and a shovelRunners may also include other gear in their pack saddles, such as windbreakers, water, food, etc., but the surplus gear cannot be counted in the 33 lbs. Cruelty to the burro is prohibited and racing officials have the right to hold any burro for 30 minutes following the race for an inspection by a veterinarian.[4]